[REQ] VaperFi Pineapple Pow

does anyone know VaporFi GRND RSRV Pineapple Pow ?
I got into DIY because I want variety and I’m really easy to please but I can’t let go of this one. And of course it’s one of the more expensive ones.
The website says it’s a Pineapple + Watermelon + Sweet Hibiscus mix. The pineapple is the main flavor for sure. You can’t really taste the Watermelon or the Hibiscus by themselves but they must have a reason.

So any help or ideas would be appreciated.


They could be usimg them at low percent just to enhance the pineapple or maybe make it juicier…It may also be that neither are in the liquid … What do you taste when you vape it ??


I taste a very fruity, sweet and refreshing Pineapple. no cooling effect, I tried Pineapple Juicy and Golden Pineapple and 5% to compare. These Pineapples don’t taste even close to it


There are three Pineapples that are supposed to be good… Flavorah , VTA sugar loaf , and MB funky pineapple… The VTA is the only one I tried… But it is so much betyer than the two you listed …I watche timmerz review and it seems he got a Pineapple with a cranberry type note so maybe the hibiscus and watermelon are lo