[REQ] VaporFi Grand Reserve Cloud Candy and Rainbow Custard

I would like to find a clone for these two recipes, I think both juices are good as ADV but are way too expensive for me that I live in Australia :cry:

Cloud Candy:

Primary Flavors: Gummy Bears + Cotton Candy + Pomegranate + Lemon-Lime

Clouds in the vape world are a necessity, particularly those that taste exceptional. They are a founding principle of which vapers live by. They are a delicious, satisfying essential. Clouds that taste of sweet cotton candy, danced upon by lively, fruity gummy bears are the finest, however, especially when abundant in size.

Rainbow Custard:

Primary Flavors: Strawberries + Tangerines + Crème Anglaise

Like a magical journey to Candyland, where unicorns frolic and rainbows paint the sky… This flavor will take you away to that psychedelic place and guarantee you enjoy every delicious cloud of vapor! Consisting of a mouth watering blend of plump, ripe strawberries and hand-picked tangerines, sitting atop a fluffy layer of Crème Anglaise, you’ll be seeing everything in rainbows.

I have all the main ingredients and I made 1 bottle for each juice but I am far away from what the originals taste like.
For the custard I know that I need to wait at least two weeks but I can see already the color is not dark ( amber ) as VaporFi RC.
I used : CAP Vanilla Custard 6%, TFA VC 4%, TFA Mandarin (Tanger) 2%, TFA Strawberry RIPE 2%, TFA Dulce De Leche 1%, FW Whipped Cream 1 %, TFA Sweet Cream 1%.

My Cloud Candy make me feel dizzy only opening the bottle, definitely too much gummy bear and CC because the original is sweet but still really soft and “watery”.
I used : FW Gummi Bear 4%, TFA, TFA Cotton Candy 3%, Pomegranate Deluxe 2%, TFA Lemon Lime II 1% and CAP Super Sweet 0.5 %

I hope someone can help with a recipe or flavour percentage and if you haven’t tried these juices yet I highly reccomend to do it.