[REQ] VaporFi Pearadise and Caribbean Escape


I’m looking for two particular ViporFi recipes: Rocco’s Pearadise and Caribbean Escape



These are the only non-sweet sour blends I can vape. Anyone got these clones by a chance please share.


For the Rocco’s paradise I’d try using Lemon Sicily by Cap or FA, Vanilla bean ice cream by TFA and/or Madagascar Vanilla FA or Vanilla Tahity FA, and Pear by FA or Inawera.

For Caribbean Escape I am taking a wild stab at the pineapple as I’ve not used any pineapple flavors or paid attention to what is good. Funky Pineapple by Molinberry and Pineapple by Hangsen are both on the recommended flavors list that was put together here. Pineapple by LorAnn got high stars on ELR. Mango by Inawera is very good and I’ve heard good things about FA’s. Again Lemon Sicily by Cap or FA may work well for the lemon zest. TPA’s lemon is decent as well.

Hope this at least helps you get started. Not many cloners around, as there are a lot of variables when it comes to making a juice that make it extremely time consuming. Flavors, additives, percentages, etc. all play a part in how someone makes a juice and can have a profound effect on how something tastes. Unfortunately, that means your best bet is probably going to be giving it a whirl yourself. It’s a great chance to learn how flavors work together though. :smile:


To add to JoJo’s great advice, Golden Pineapple (CAP) is a very good pineapple, I also like TPA’s but in small amounts. For Lemon, my go to has become Lemon (FE) “Fruit or Flavor Express” available at ECX.

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Thanks JoJo,

I’m very bad on making right proportions. Made 16 bottles so far and none of them to my taste. Can’t take sweet flavors, so I though someone has already tried to mix the two from VaporFi.