[REQ] Verdict Vapours - Ransom

Hi guys , I’m wondering if any of you know the recipe for the ‘Ransom’ e liquid by Verdict Vapours. This is a strawberry and limeade flavour but I can’t seem to recreate or find a recipe near enough to this. Any help would be great. Cheers Callum

Any help would be great guys

Vendor description states:

Strawberry Limeade eLiquid by Verdict Vapors, formerly known as “Ransom” is characterised by its fruity blend of citrus Limes, along with fresh Hawaiian Strawberries.

There’s some good tips in here @Callum89:

What have you tried so far?


Hey @Lolly thanks for your reply. I’ve tried a few recipes on ELR but none of them seem to replicate the one by Verdict Vapours. I read on a website today that there is also soda and mojito included with the strawberry and lime but doesn’t say what % this is used in. I’m very new to DIY e-liquids I’ve only been making them for about 2 months so I am very much a novice. I do wish there was a exact clone/replica for this e-juice


What do Hawaiian strawberries taste like? Am i missing out by just eating regular strawberries? Do hawaiian strawberries make you better at hula dancing?

I’m really concerned here, i never even heard of “Hawaiian strawberries” how is that possible?


I’ve only ever eaten British strawberries I feel like I’m missing out on Hawaiian strawberries :cry:


I wonder if this is them - they sound cool but slightly weird


New variety that produces white & red berries that have a pineapple flavor. A great variety to grow in pots. Everbearing, which means it will produce fruit through out the entire season.


Received this email this morning stating the flavours involved: There’s kiwi, pear, dragonfruit and a hint of cucumber mint

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