[REQ] Very Vanilla Vapourfi

Has anyone tried Vapour-Fi’s “Very Vanilla”?
If so does anyone have a similar recipe?
Its got a classic vanilla taste not that buttery
creamy taste alot of vanillas have.
Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.
Im a noob here so i hope i have posted in the
right place.
Thanks again Nick Mc


I’ve popped this into the clones section for you - hopefully somebody will be able to assist.

Cloning eliquid is a difficult and time consuming affair, especially given the amount of flavour concentrates available and the different % possibilities.

Have you tried to replicate it yet? If so, what did you try (just so others have an idea).

Even if you don’t manage to clone it, you will definitely be able to create something you like…maybe even more than the original!

Finally…welcome to ELR! Good to have you here :grin:


im in the process i have about 5 vanillas going but waiting for steeping time.i have heaps of vanilla flavours mainly cap fa fap fw and capella waiting on holy vanilla. even trying to extract my own vanilla beans so im sure something will work eventually.

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Instead of struggling to only build something from scratch maybe you could also just search for some Vanilla Milkshake recipes on ELR. I am guessing your targeted clone has some creamyness or cream base. You could help with a personal description to help us. Here’s a Vanilla Milkshake recipe that looks legit to me, and might help get some comparisons against your target. The good thing about making a rated recipe would be you have some juice to vape right now and if it gets you 50% closer? …even better. Also this gives some clues to creams that might play nice with your Vanillas. Below is a generic search for “Vanilla” on the “Flavor list” (under “Resources” on ELR Home header). Find your Vanillas …click one-by-one and read “Notes” for shared Vanilla experiences. Don’t miss any French Vanillas! This Van Milkshake looks good I might just mix this up myself!


i’ll give it a try if i dont get any closer with the ones ive got
steeping. im mainly going 1.5 -2% cap vanilla whipped cream and 2-3% vanilla of each vanilla type fa vanilla, fw vanilla, tfa vanilla, hangsen vanilla, cap simply vanilla and i think its tfa vanillin. i’ll see how i go i have a whole bunch of vanillas that have that buttery smell but haven’t used any as thats the taste im trying to avoid if i use them later i will try them at 0.5-1% because they smell so strong. thanks for your reply.