[REQ] Vulture Punch by Button Junkie

I know this may have been spoke about before,
sorry if it has, but has anybody successfully mixed a Cloned Version Of Vulture Punch from button junkie.

If so would you please mind sharing the % of each flavor u used and at what ratio. I want to go for a
Vg 70/30 PG or even a 80/20 with 6mg nic

please feel free to inbox me with the details thanks

I’ve been trying to clone this for a few months. I cam get a rough approximation of the strawberry, custard and vanilla notes but that burnt sugar still has me stumped. I’ve tried brown sugar and/or dulce de leche with and without sucralose. Any help on this would be great!

You seem to have got closer to it than I have…
If u wish to share any notes.and the percentage on the items u used would be great. If u want to inbox me with them that would be great…

This is so close:

Vanilla Custard v1 (cap) 5%
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (tfa) 4%
Strawberry (tfa) 3%
Strawberry (ripe) 1%
Shisha Strawberry (inw) 1%
Caramel (fa) 3%
Super Sweet (cap) 0.5% or sucralose 10% at 1%

70/30 vg/pg mixed at 3% nicotine

Let me know what you think!

Sorry for the late reply, not been on much.
Will deffo be ordering some more flavors and giving that a try will report back once I’ve tried it

Vulture punch clone LMHVapes
Try this mate
Brown sugar 1%
Cotton candy 3%
Kiwi strawberry 6%
Madagascan vanilla 3%
Strawberry ripe 1%
Vanilla custard 6%
Sweetener 2%
70/30 steep for 2 weeks
Let me know what you think

Secret ingredient is kiwi strawberry

I’ve posted my vulture punch clone recipe on eliquid recipe.com

Nowhere near lol. The only thing you got right is the steep for 2 weeks.

Inawera’s Creme Brulee has a delicious burnt sugar note, maybe the taste you’re looking for. The other notes are custard and maybe a little vanilla, imo, so it should go well in this clone attempt.

Even if it doesn’t work for this clone, I doubt you’ll regret buying it if you don’t have it. It’s a really terrific single flavor concentrate and nice to build around.

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