[REQ] Watermelon Splash

I tried a liquid called “Watermelon Splash” from my local shop The Vapour Corner. The liquid im talking about can be found below

I’ve since started making my own juices, i’ve tried a few watermelon recipe’s and they’ve all tasted quite fresh. I’m looking for the sweet and juicy flavour from Vapour Corner’s watermelon, but can’t find anything regarding their juice at all. I think they’re quite a small outlet, and believe they have their liquids produced for them in a lab.

Has anyone tried this liquid before and if so do they know of any other similar flavours that may have been cloned?

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated

Maybe you could enlighten us with the recipes you’ve tried so far, that’s always a great help.

These all seem to sort of match the description. I can’t tell because I’ve never tried the actual liquid.


I’ve been on a watermelon Dragon fruit with Koolada kick, a Watermelon Dragon fruit Strawberry kick. Flavors that you can do just about anything with so far.


@Kitstar11 Reading the Vendor’s description I would guess it also has Forest Mix (Forest Fruit) (FA). After picking at that flavor with high %s of sweetener I think it’s a mix of watermelon and cantaloupe (and others) and would likely pOp that first choice of above recipes and then hide and be undetectable at like 1% …secret ingredient (guessing!)

Also thanks for the properly formatted [REQ] Clone post. Helps us get there faster. Be sure to share your findings, good and bad!


Thank you all for your input!

I shall go away and purchase some more flavours over the next weeks and see if anything comes close to what I’m looking for and then post my thoughts. Apologies if it takes a little while, I seem to have blown £100+ on flavours within the last month lol.

Thanks again guys, greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


So far I have tried HIC’s watermelon, HIC’s Cactus Melon and also a Cuttwood Monster Melon Clone http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/127149/Mikes+Melons+%28Cuttwood+Monster+Melon+Clone%29

The 2 HIC’s recipes were very fresh (nice but not what I was looking for) and wasn’t really keen on the monster melon clone. I would recommend the Cactus melon recipe for anyone seeking a non-specific sweet melon flavour though, very nice indeed.


What does [REQ] mean/stand for?

…Request (for clone recipe)

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My suggestion:

Cap - Double Watermelon 5%
TFA - Cantaloupe 3%
FA - Fuji Apple 2%
Cap - Sweet Mango 1.5%

Steep a day or two. Add TFA marshmellow and / or sweetener <1% if you feel like the recipe needs some extra punch

Also, you could buy a mixed fruits oneshot and add to that your favorite watermelon aroma(s)


Okay, so I figured I’d try one of the watermelon splash recipes, seemed like a good place to start.

I have to say it’s very close if not entirely accurate, certainly good enough to keep me happy. For some reason whenever I’ve googled Watermelon splash clone in google before this recipe never came up. Thank you all for your input, may check back to the other recipes in the future if I fancy a change ^^

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