[REQ] White Gold Butterscotch Candy


I am looking for a clone recipe for e liquid called white gold butterscotch candy by Black Box e liquids

The flavor is butterscotch candy but its different than all butterscotches e liquid in the market.

Sometimes i taste a nougat (whithout nuts) and sometimes a creamy toffee, i don’t think there are any caramel notes but maybe because butterscotch and caramel works well together.

I’ve tried FW butterscotch and FW butterscoth candy, but none of them gave me the notes that i want, aslo TFA butterscotch didn’t gave me the taste, maybe a mix of these flavors will give me a close taste, your thougths?

I belive there is a strong creamy toffee flavor without custard or coffee related flavors.

Any luck to get a close recipe?



Might try pairing white chocolate with the butterscotch and a kiss of caramel.


My suggestion would be to try FW Butterscotch Natural, along with MF Butterscotch for the core flavor. These two make a perfect ‘butterscotch disc’ candy.

LA Butter Rum may bring what’s missing to it IF you like Life Savers’ candles of the same name. But they’re quite different from the Brach’s discs, which is what the FW and MF achieve in large part (only BETTER!)

I’ve never had Blackbox’s White Gold though, and the few reviews I watched/read on it don’t mention there being any white chocolate, but if there is, again, I’d suggest MF for the job.

Not in my experience. I’ve tested a large variety of brands and variants in BS, and only the two listed above (in my first paragraph) fit the goal for a “plain” but very rich and satisfying butterscotch to my tastes!


@Sprkslfly thank you for you reply

I think butter rum will help me in this recipe, i will give it a try, can you recommend any other flavor company rather than LA because its hard for me to buy them since i am from Jordan (middle east) and we don’t have it here, we have CAP, FW,FA,TFA.

For MF butterscotch, i will replace it with FW butterscotch ripple and butterscotch, i am fine with the butterscotch that i have from my previous attempts and i think butter rum will make it better


@Letitia thank you for your reply

I don’t think that there is a white choclate in the recipe but its a good idea to try and who knows :slight_smile:

Can you recommend for me a good white choclate flavor from the below companies


Afraid not. The only white chocolate I have is from VT. You could read the flavor notes, I’m guessing at least one of them is pretty good.


@nadeem_haddadeen, @Sprkslfly is onto something here ^^^.


Unfortunately, there really are no substitutions for LA Butter Rum (that I’ve found), and ZERO chance of subbing MF BS. It adds what is missing from FW butterscotch natural. (The key here is natural, as it’s notably different from FW butterscotch.)

Since you are ok with the BS you have, I would focus on trying to find a suitable source for LA. Might consider Chef’s Flavors in the UK… If memory serves, they sell LorAnn as Lorraine?

If you find that you are able to order from them, they also sell several other major brands under ‘house names’. (search ELR for: chef’s relabeled or similar)

Good luck!


Thank you very much for your help.

i will try my best to get LA and MF butterscotch :slight_smile: