[REQ] White grape + Blackberry sparkling drink

Ok so with this is there any chance I could have a small bit of help with some %. I mean if there is any other type of flavour that is better in anyway that would be aaaamazing.

White grape (fw)
Sparkling wine (INW)
Lemonade (Real flavours SC)
Blackberry (FA)
Sweet and tart

I mean if that sounds good or if anyone has these it would be amazing to try it out. Like I said above % would be amazing

Just one suggestion, maybe RealFlavors (SC) Soda base at 2% as a substitute for Sparkling wine (INW).
Mainly because this is a effect concentrate not a flavoring.
And it is really sensational :slight_smile:


Ooo ok I’ll give that a go. Would you say the overall recipe looks ok? What would you suggest % wise.

This is where I would recommend starting your recipe development. Taste is subjective so you will have to dial in the recipe to fit your palate.

Black & White the Drank
White Grape (FW) 3%~4%
Soda Base (SC) (RealFlavors) 2%
Lemonade (SC) (RealFlavors) 2%
Blackberry (FA) 1%~1.5%
Sweet and Tart (TFA) 2%~3%

*EM - I would leave out until you have had time to taste test your mix.
Then if you feel it’s necessary .5%~1%
I hope this is helpful :+1:

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Maybe try something like a drop per 30ml, this is easily the strongest FA flavor you can get. Unless you like floral vapes, I seriously recommend ordering another blackberry flavor.


Sorry for the late reply guys. I’ll get the stuff in asap and try it out