[REQ] Zeus Cookies and Cream

This is my favorite ejuice and I need some help making a clone. Here is the link https://www.zeusejuice.com/delicious-desserts/cookies-and-cream-eliquid-flavor
I have tried TPA, FWest, and they taste nothing like it. I have tried this oreo cookie icecream recipe https://youtu.be/wboBv1pdW5g
And it tastes too much like custard.
The Zeus CnC cream tastes like nothing ive experienced with all the cream flavorings i have. It is a very very sweet buttery cream. The chocolate they use eludes me. I have tried over 10 different chocolates including lava cake and its just not the same. Has anyone been able to clone this?
My flavors http://e-liquid-recipes.com/publicstash/169276
My latest attempt http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/2286507/CnC+remix


Try RF (SC) Cookies and Cream at about 8%
RF (SC) Condensed Milk at 3%
RF (SC) Cream at 1%

Might get yah close.


You tryin to kill someone? :rofl:
I find that a pretty strong concentrate that seems to get stronger with steeping. I once used it at 2% and thought it was way too strong in my mix


Well that is your weak preference. I enjoy a stronger mix.


I like a strong tasting liquid too, but imo it’s lifting the flavor over its tipping point.
I did make liquids with their strawberries & toast (SC) at 8%, a highly recommended recipe I saw on youtube. It did taste good but after a couple weeks the distinctive flavor notes faded away completely leaving a bit of a chemical mess. My experiences with the other SC flavors I have is to use them around the 2% mark and they’re plenty strong.


Not my go to with RF SC. I have them at higher percentages due to the real flavor they provide. That is just me though. I like in your face flavor, vice muted flavors. I rarely use PG at all and let the flavors be my PG balance.

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I use both the cookies and cream and the peanut butter crisp between 6 and 7 percent as single flavor when I need a break from NET’s.

I have to agree they work better at higher percentages and for me anyway they do not suffer the dreaded flavor fade many seem to experience at lower percentages.