[REQ] Zeus juice tooth fairy clone?

Any body got a clone for Zeus juice tooth fairy? Or something similar? Been scouring the Internet for all eternity with not a smidgen of luck! Have tried to replicate myself with disastrous results… Just can’t seem to decode what’s in it!

Regards Adam


Low and behold ye mortals, the mythical potion of a Tooth fairy, presented to you and a great addition to this legendary gourmet range of e-liquids. It is said that it comes from afar from regions unknown to mankind. A sensational blend of citric fruits, on inhaling you instantly get this burst of lemon and lime followed by a wave of what can only be described as a sweet nectar fusing together on the exhale…… then in comes subtle ripples of sour undertones that diminish into an exotic flavour of bliss. It’s an Orgy of vaping proportions, another legendary flavour. You’ll just keep coming back for more.

Hi Adam, it will be easier for us to help if we know what you’ve tried already. It’s not a juice I’m familiar with, but others may be able to assist :+1:


Thanks for the reply @Lolly, yep that’s the post from what I tried to create it from, the only decent post I’ve found that gives some discription, my main attempts have involved using;
super sweet
Key lime
Rainbow sherbet

All at differing percentages but doesn’t taste anything like the real deal, it’s more of a sherberty refreshers taste, with no known flavour overpowering anything else. The main thing I can point out is quite a distinct fizziness that’s very strong, The lime just doesn’t seem to suite! So tried it without and still nothing alike :confused:

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Hi. Try a bit of absinthe or anise. Paul Curtis is known to add it to his fruity juices and I used to vape it a lot until they ruined it with loads of coolada

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Hello @Junak_66 welcome to ELR.
You are answering a post from 4 years ago … (in case you haven’t noticed)

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