[REQ] Zombie Vapes Virus

Hi all,
A while ago I bought Virus from Zombie vapes. They advertise it as Ice cold Raspberry and Lime flavour.
Anyone tried it/knows how to clone it?
Thanks for help!

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@nadaal, please submit a link for the juice you are requesting so proper research can be done.

This is also a learning point of asking for a clone, you need to post up as much official information as you can, profiles, vg/pg levels, etc so we can at least try to ballpark it.

What raspberry and lime flavors do you have? try “what can I make” in your settings and put raspberry and lime in and see what you get.


@DarkJester89 Thanks for your reply and correction. Sorry, I’m a newbie here.
So I bought this juice from eBay - as mentioned made by Zombie Vapes. Here’s the link:
eBay Zombie Vapes
It’s called Virus - advertised as Ice cold Raspberry and Lime flavour, 70/30 VG/PG.
At the moment I have TFA’s Raspberry and TFA’s Key Lime - can order others no problem. Menthols I have Koolada (TFA), Spearmint (Cap) and Cool Mint (Cap).
It’s kind of sweet, fruity and cool flavor.
If I need to put any more info please advise me.
Thanks for your help.
PS. Will try “what can I make” as well

If you could put those 3 on a percentage break down out of a 100%, what would it be

Sweet: 5%
Fruity: 80%
Cool: 15%

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Thanks, will try that and let know

no, don’t try that in a recipe, this is hypothetical, like… try to tell me what you think the break down is of the flavors. learn the taste and separate the 3.

I can use that to try to break down the recipe

Sorry, didn’t catch that. Will need to order it again, as I’ve ran out ages ago and been mixing my own juices.
Will definitely post once it arrives. Cheers!