[REQ] Zues Juice Clone

My pallet isn’t the best and can only distinguish what I think is mango, pineapple and have been told it smells like cotton candy. Does anyone know the flavors in Zues Juice or does anyone know of a clone? Any help would be appreciated.

When I first got into DIY I got some concentrate from Xtremevaping.com. One flavor was 555.5 which I didn’t just detect in many Zeus flavors, but rather found it to be a main component. I actually complained to them about this as I was unable to distinguish between their Zeus Juice, Ry4 and Creamy Ry4. They were kind enough to send me new bottles of these juices only they still tasted like 555.5. So you could get this concentrate and give it a try. My bet is you will need only smell it to discover that distinct aroma.

That’s actually pretty interesting. I was wondering if there was something besides fruit in it. I thought it would be a floral not tobacco.

Well any discernible tobacco in Xtremevaping’s 555.5 slipped right past me. There may be a floral note to it…it’s somewhat nutty and citrusy but really a one of a kind flavor.

In the description of the 555.5 it has it as a nutty tobacco flavor. so if that’s in Zues Juice and I’m pretty sure Mango and pineapple is in it I’m missing 1 flavor. Hmmm?