Resistance Measurement - hows it done?

I was just thinking.

How does our equipment measure resistance of our coils when obviously all attys have different resistance themselves. How does it do it, isolate the reading to just the coil portion? Its probably an obvious answer to some but just something I thought about and am interested to know the answer.

The atty itself should have very little resistance so the bottleneck will be the coil.


Hah, that’s weird. The big chunks of metal holding the wire is not that resistant. Of course it’s the wire being a bottle neck that is the squeeze on the dancing pixies going around and around. By asking this question and you answering it really well. My conception of it and coil building makes so much more sense. Awesome. Just like building a tiny long road in the middle of a super freeway which they all have to drive through.

Made my day.

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see if this helps you


Cheers Steve, it’s strange I understood the resistivity of wires, etc . I just did not look at the base as like 1awg wire. I wasn’t even looking at it as a wire. Total mental block , that’s getting older for you. Aging has a few cons so to speak.

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Hey Vol,
cool ! I definitely hear you on the cons of getting old

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