Resistance vs Wattage

I was under the impression that the lower your resistance is, the higher wattage you can safely vape at. Is that correct? The reason why I’m questioning it is because I’ve been watching youtube vids about building, tank reviews, etc…, and some people are pushing a high wattage ( > 40w ) though coils that are near 1 ohm or over.

If I were to use a nautilus mini ( 1.6 ohm ) over 15 watts I instantly get burnt taste.
I’ve been googling this and can’t find a clear answer on what resistances are recommended for different wattage ranges. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Maybe I’m looking at it wrong, and it’s about voltage…not wattage. In that case, do different devices put out different voltages for the same resistance?

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Coils with lots of metal can take more wattage, that’s why you see claptons with 0.15 ohm fire nicely at 120W. If you use thin wire (less metal), 120W would burn it up.

10 wraps of 24G kanthal, 3mm ID should come out to 1.4 ohms - that one would fire best around 45-55W.

6 wraps of 30G kanthal, 2.5mm ID should come out to around 1.8 ohms - that one would fire best around 13-17W.

Check out this tool:

When using this tool, you should play around with “Heat flux” to see where the sweet spot is - I prefer around 300 mW/mm2 :smile:

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That makes sense. It’s not as cut and dry as I though because of wire types, thickness, etc…
I’ve been using steam engine, but didn’t notice the Heat Flux field. That helps a lot and seems to be right on par with the coil I’m using now.

I been doing a little looking around for you and I really have not found any info on the sweet spot for the Mini with the 1.6 ohm coil. I can tell you the sweet spot for the mini with a 1.8 ohm coil for most people is 13 watts. Most of what I’ve seen says as you are getting, they were getting burnt/dry hits around 15 watts and more. Now I want you to consider this. Just because a coil can handle a higher wattage does not mean that coil can feed enough juice into the coil to keep it vaporizing. If it can not get enough juice, what do you get, a burnt/dry hit. Try toneing it down just a little to around 13-14 watts and avoid this…

Now I do not have the mini but on my nautilus tank I use both 1.6 and 1.8 coils (although they tend to read 1.7 on my mod) and I stay between 11-13 watts OR 4.7v at the highest. This doesn’t reallly answer your original question but on those coils there is no real noticeable difference from 12w to 13w or even 11w. So I prefer the lesser to extend the life of my coils