Resistances - The Never Ending Battle

So I was rebuilding this lovely Monday morning like I always do on Monday mornings, something struck me in awe this morning though.

I had built a 25g, 5|6 wrap, 2.4mm ID, spaced Ti dual coil <-- my go to coil. I built it, threw it on my actual Ω reader and it read 0.17Ω. I was like “no way in the world can this dual coil be close to 0.17Ω”. So I threw it on my IPV4S like I do with every build (I believe the IPV4S has the truest Ω readouts of the TC mods out there). It reads 0.123Ω, this time I said “well that seams a lot more realistic” as this build is normally around 0.09-0.115Ω.

The coil was measured on the Ω meter dry and not fired (0.17Ω). The first reading on the IPV4S was measured dry and also not fired yet (0.123Ω). The final reading on the IPV4S was measured after letting the wick soak and pulsing a few hits to break the Ti coil in like I always do (0.103Ω).

I have never had such fluctuation in my actual Ohm meter readout and my IPV4S readout… I have a Wechange ohm meter that I have had for 2 years now. I have seen there be a ±0.2Ω difference, but never close to almost .5Ω in difference. What is even more weird is the fact that I have my digital multimeter and I have also used that to measure the ohm’s after the ohm meter and it reads close to the same value ±0.05Ω every time. So to solve this issue, I think I’m going to toss my damn Ohm reader through a window, it has really been an ass to me lately :laughing:

This is something I have noticed for the past few months since I started using Ti and it’s boggling my mind. Maybe because the temperature coefficient of Ti is much lower than the standard vape wires we were used to using previously. I’m thinking that is about the only reason that Ti would have such a fluctuation in resistance change from being dry and not fired, to being wet and fired. As I know kanthal and SS never fluctuated as much as Ti does for me when building with it and I strictly vape ONLY Ti now.

I realize 60% of this post is just me rambling, but the other 40% has some good value to it. Maybe if you never built on Ti like the rest of us experienced vapers on this forum, or you are just simply curious as to why this happens if you have ever noticed it. I had the issue months back when I started with Ti builds and thought that months later if I’m still having the same troubles, everyone else must also.

To conclude what I’m saying, always triple check before locking in your resistances with TI and start vaping a fresh setup.

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Led Zeppelin said it best “Ramble On, Sing My Song”. So rambling can be a good thing, can it not !!!


I have two ohm readers plus a multimeter - I am in the market for a good precise ohm meter… I haven’t found anything I like yet. I saw one that also fires an atomizer, but it doesn’t look like they’re sold in the EU yet…


Ha, indeed. You always have something optimistic to say :smile:

I wish I could find a nice professional one under $50 in the US. They have tolerances 1% and under :grin:

I feel like these $10-$15 ohm readers have cheap parts, cheap quality control, just cheap period… Lol


What should be done is a 510-box that connects directly to a multimeter :smile:

Ryan, by chance have you checked resistance of the atty without a coil installed? I ran into a similar situation building on my Dark Horse with Nickel. So while I was working with it (screwed into the ohm meter and turned on) I pulled the coils. Sure enough it was bouncing like a Mexican jumping bean. So I disassembled what little of the deck I could, cleaned it thoroughly and once dry, reassembled and checked again. This time (no coil) it was stable at 1, although I can’t tell you the reason for the problem before as I found nothing wrong. Just a thought.

Yeah Man, I have always thought that was the way to go. We all know the a good ohm readers is needed for our work, not this crap they sell us now. :anguished: Maybe someday we’ll see such a thing :heart_eyes: