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Resource page error


The resource page /Shops/USA includes -
Flavor West, new customer discount: 15%, discount code: ELRECIPES
I have been informed by them that they do not honour ANY COUPONS.
Just FYI really can’t find another place to post this, if you can please do.


Thanks for reporting it. I’ve contacted Flavor West to hear what’s going on.


Just for your reference the following is the entire body of the email I received.

Michael we do not use coupon codes at Flavor West.

Thank You!

Jason Sterns

I ordered anyway then emailed them about where to put the code.


This is fairly new - I talked to a woman last I had contact with them, who extended our code until 2020, but I guess something has changed. I’ll hear what they have to say! :slight_smile:

EDIT: It looks like Jason Sterns is their CFO, so I guess the coupon code is over :stuck_out_tongue: Will wait for a response anyway!


Just spotted that Chefs Vapour is still listed, rather than Chefs Flavours.


Ah, yes. Fixed, thanks! :smiley:


Just a note that a Rep from Flavorah just joined ELR. FlavorWest might want to join us in 2017 and understand the commercial relevance of Social Networking. One of the reasons we all spend so much money at RealFlavors is their interactions here and regular (and prompt!) announcements of discounted Promotions. Everybody loves a deal…

Actually Flavor West has garnered a little bad press from the Vape Community last year re: Sugar/Sucrose being in some of it’s flavors. This would be a great place to talk about any reformulations of favorites like Cake (Yellow) targeted towards vaping/inhalation …as we are all guilty of using existing food additives as e-juice flavorings. Vaping has driven a solid boom in that (food flavoring) market and it would be interesting to know what Flavor West is doing in the direction of e-juice DIY. I’d read that!


Great idea. Didn’t even think to invite them. Thanks! They’re invited now!


Excuses for necro.

DKS (Germany) has disabled the discount code ELRECIPES. Which is a shame because I would sometimes treat myself to his ultra expensive ZeroPG … but I won’t pay the full €10.


The discount code for Nicriver is said to be PURILUM, but it’s actually PurilumFlavors

I’ve just tried it, I found the correct code in Nicotine River discount no longer works... other Nicotine choices?


From this thread

Nicotine River wasn’t aware of the resource page and the codes, as well as stating that currently no “sales/codes” are active.

So who knows, might have been a temporary fluke that the old code worked.

Either way, someone should maybe get in contact and ask, or/and update/remove/edit the code lol.


I have to say it wasn’t a big reduction… but hey, every bit counts right?


Definitely, especially with that $29 shipping :frowning:
I’m actually surprised that NR is a better deal than chefs for you guys.


Oh I also ordered with chefs but I couldn’t get these flavors there… hangsen? purilum?
84 new flavors to play with next week :slight_smile:


well scratch that.
I cancelled my order because I forgot something. When I placed the new order, this discount code didn’t work anymore :frowning: