Resource page won't open

Anyone else having problems getting the resource page to open

Yep, I’m not able to get to the elr home page at all at the moment…

i just checked, it seems to be all good on my end.

I just checked, and it’s operating fine for me.

Chrome OS/Google Chrome browser

I do know that when things go wonky on the site, one of the first recommendations is to delete the cookies from your browser. Maybe give that a try?

It started working for me again. :slight_smile:

YAY!!! :grinning: A few weeks ago I was having a helluva time getting recipe pages to load, so I know all too well the frustration. Cheers!

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No worries, I was just checking for Steve-o, I haven’t started mixing yet. Have to wait till Friday (payday) to place my first order for flavors and a scale:)

Thanks Ten
I got it to load now

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