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Resources and Tips for Beginning DIY E-liquid


I peel mine daily. Helps keep them fresh :smiley:


I hope so. Have an order sitting there, waiting…

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Ah - I’ll be sure to let you know when Brendan gets back to me!


The code has been renewed and should work again! :slightly_smiling:


Thanks daath. I went to continue my order, entered the code ELRECIPES, but didn’t get the 5%. It’s 3.5% now. :frowning:

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Uhm it should be 20%, but only for 15ml - I don’t think the bigger bottles are discounted… How did the receipt look?


ahh… ok. I had some 15ml and one large 4oz. WEll, pooh.

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Ah :confused: I agree - discounts should be for all purchases, but I can only prod Flavorah that much :smiley: hehe


I just thought of a little tip since I screwed up last night while being a little inebriated, and having a really strange desire to mix. Stop chewing or drinking and swallow now unless you have a wet-nap handy to wipe off your screen. I read from the wrong column again (yeah, the bold grams column didn’t save me this time). Now… stop laughing :smiley:

Weigh your bottles of ingredients before you start pouring, write the numbers down. That way if you screw up you can go back and see where you screwed up. Wish I had thought of this before I screwed up lol.

Good thing is the recipe turned out really good regardless. I just wish I knew what was in it :wink:

Need help to make Strawberry cream

ok. i thought i was the only one to do that. though i never had the who hous to admit to it.:slightly_smiling:

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I have done it, remixed the recipe, and did it again. Then I asked daath to bold the Grams column and I hadn’t done it since. But in my drunken stuper the other night I managed to do it again :smiley:


I love trying to fix screwups.

Whoops, overshot the pour on my VG. No problem, I’ll just add 1 ml to the batch size and approximate my mix, cool.

Oh crap, I had Max VG checked… hrm. Ok, let’s add 1% PGA and see if that thins it out enough for a tank…

I’m totally gonna lose my winging it privileges.


my name is jim .im a newbe hear really enjoying the teaching from all of you .i have a question .what is the color graff under the recipes .can i use this in learning something.

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It is just a visual representations of the percentages in your recipe. Red is nicotine, Orange is PG, Green is VG, and Blue is flavor.

New to mixing liquids
Very new to DIY

thanks JoJo


Hi watched your YouTube vid last week on weighing the e juice seemed a great idea so went and bought everything I needed I think ha. Anyway just waiting for it to arrive and can’t wait to start mixing. I’m a total nOOb but done a lot of research and am looking forward to it. Oh didn’t realise how many ways there is to steep think I’ll stick to the old fashioned waiting game… And thanx for the vid on YouTube really helped :smile:

New to DIY.. Help
New to DIY.. Help

Did you get a good understanding of flavors and usage percentages? That’s one mistake I made over and over until I learn to research flavors and how they are used. It can save you money in the long run. Good luck on your venture!


Thank you for taking the time to put this up. I just found you all. This is very helpful.


Mixed my first few flavors and two of the recipes called for tfa cheesecake graham cracker… My problem is I do not care for coconut and even after steeping the coconut flavor is still there. Do all companies cheesecake flavor have coconut in them? Any suggestions for a substitute I could use?
Thank you for helping.

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Try CAP’s NY Cheesecake, it’s the best I’ve tried and it’s delicious. Easily in my top 5 most used CAP flavors and almost as versatile as marshmallow.

It doesn’t have the graham cracker note but if you would like it in there, I suggest FW Graham Cracker (also a great flavoring) but be careful with it. A lot of FW flavors require 5-10%, their GC isn’t like that, start at 0.25% and work your way up. It can be rather strong if blended with subtle flavors.