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Resources and Tips for Beginning DIY E-liquid


Agreed, there’s definitely no coconut flavor in NY Cheesecake (Cap).

Personally, I think it’s kinda gross as a dominant/standalone flavor, but it’s pretty damn good as an accent to some caramel.

Recipes using only real flavors

This is a perfect example of taste being subjective, because I think Cap NY Cheesecake is a good stand alone flavor. Though I do agree about the caramell


I bought the Liquid Barn starter kit love it!


New York Capella with Carmel. Must remember that. Sounds good. :smile:

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here’s a good one: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/235269/The%20Cake%20is%20a%20Lie

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I’m new too. Still trying to learn my way around this great website & new to mixing my own ejuice.

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Thank you for taking the time to write this up. really appreciate it…


Not sure if this is the right place for this question, but here it goes. How do you submit a shop for inclusion on the resources page? Dashvapes in Canada has started carrying DIY supplies recently, and it would be handy to see it up on the resources page. It’ll be especially useful for those in the GTA - they do a free ship to store option.

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At the bottom of your “My Recipes/Favorites” page is a feedback form. Send the info there to @daath.

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Thanks! I’ll do that!

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This is way late but there is a standing flavorah coupon ELRECIPES20
you can use it up to three times.
Cheers @CarrieVapeZ


Beginner here. Just wanted to say “thank you” to all who contributed your time and effort to help us noobs.

What am I doing wrong? No flavor

Bumping this. Great post @jojo.