Results of week one DIY

I guess i got lucky, i have no horror story about my juices tasting like crap. I made three juices so far, one is gummy bear/monkey fart and grape soda mix… its refreshing, i keep my fruity flavours in one tank and my desserts in another. My favourite mix is Cake batter dip, funnel cake and a splash on cinnamon… i love this and vape it at .06ohm in a 4ml tank. I am using FW from ecigg express and am about to place my next flavour order. Any suggestions? It doesnt have to be FW Also i am mixing with a cheap VG base i found at walmart called humco, it hasnt been a terrible experience so far, anyone have any experience with this glycerin? After its used up i willl order a better quality VG from ebay. Lastly i have a question about Nicotine. My 30ml bottle of nicotine says 6mg/ml on the label. about how many drops should i use in a 60mg bottle of DIY ejuice to acheive a close to 6mg ejuice?
thank you


Every brand has good and bad flavors… if you’re still new to DIY, I recommend for the first months to just buy the flavors for the recipes you’d like to make and start to build up your stash that way.

I’ve got CAP, FA, TPA, FW, FLV, FE, INW, RF, OOO, SA and a couple other brands. I wouldn’t be able to tell you which brand is best.

Buying the right flavors is a lot of research and a bit of trial and error. If you’re not sure about a flavor, start with a tester or 10ml max. Even though a flavor gets good ratings/comments, it doesn’t mean that you will like it too. Don’t be scared to try some new things either.

If your nicotine is 6mg/ml (which sounds really weird to me), you’d have to vape it straight to get a 6mg ejuice. Anything you add to it will dilute it. Usually people mix with 100mg, 72mg, 48mg or (in EU) 20 or 18mg.
Mixing your nic into your other liquids will always dilute the content. Should you use your nicotine base for 90% of your e-juice and 10% flavors, then you’ll have an end result of 5.4mg (=6mg-10%). You also have to take in account your VG/PG ratio so it’s much easier to mix with high nicotine concentrations (40mg and up).


Hello and welcome! Great to read that you’re having a flavorful first experience!

If what you mean is a 60ml bottle, you won’t be able to achieve 6mg strength with the nic base you have, unfortunately. You’ll want to replace that 30ml of 6mg nic base as soon as possible with a larger amount and higher mg per ml nic.

Basically, if you are using a 6mg nic base, you would need 60ml of it to achieve a (flavorless) 60ml bottle of 6mg strength e-liquid. Then if you add flavor to it, the strength goes down. So, I’d recommend a 36 or 48mg/ml nic base and plug the numbers into the calculator to find out how much to add to achieve 6mg strength.

It can be confusing at first, but check out the beginners’ resources, starting here:
Beginner’s Guide to Using The ELR Recipe Calculator

And read a lot!

Keep at it and have fun! Great first experience!


here is the bottle of nicotine i got from ecigg express. any help is appreciated, ive been adding 20-40 drops to my 60 ml diy bottles for about a week n a half. i also add some of the 6mg ejuice i have left from my last purchase at the vape shop to help with my nicotine content.


so basically ive been smoking an extremely low mg of nicotine for the past week and a half… like almost none since i have only used about 1/10th of this bottle?? lol i was just trying to be safe because i know its dangerous to consume too much.


Yes! But you could call that a happy accident, if you were inclined to use such silly-sounding terms. If you didn’t go through withdrawal during the week, you are less dependent on nicotine than you thought. So, when you get the right materials, you might try aiming for 1 or 2mg strength instead of 6! You should be ok, and have more flavor, and use less nic base in your mixes, which saves money.

In the meantime, you can estimate how many ml are left in that bottle, plug that number into the calculator as your “amount to make” and hit the “use vape-ready nicotine base” button, type in the strength and vg/pg numbers in the appropriate fields, then just add flavor straight into that bottle. You’ll get to feel the difference with (just shy of) 6mg strength vs almost no nic at all.


Here’s some helpful links

This is the nicotine I buy . Usually buy 100mg. Pg nic

Also here a few links from nicotine river


I’m not sure I’d go with eBay for vg or pg… here’s links to what I order. Started ordering these in the gallon size.


Thank you for your recommendations tartus, i will put them to use. if there is a referrel code id love one. Last night i built my first RBA coil, im using a Z4 by cloupor, not the best brand but an awesome value for 7 dollars and change. The process was SIMPLE, the flavour coming from this tank right now is amazing vs what i had going on with the one stock coil that was included in the pack, apparently you cant have these coils shipped to the united states for some reason? How often should you change a rba coil?
thanks all.


Liquid barn discount code - elrecipes

@Nicotine_River - not sure if they have an overall discount code for orders but tagged them . Maybe they can answer…

Both I believe have free shipping for orders over $50


It’s the same thing as with your regular commercial coils… if they don’t perform normal anymore (bad wicking, off flavor or burnt taste, …)
Obviously, changing the coils in an rba is so much cheaper, so you don’t have to wait until the last possible moment to get every penny’s worth out of the coil and you’ll overall enjoy a better flavor. As with all coils, it depends a bit on the build you have (regular round wire, staggered fused claptons, … ), what type of juice you’re vaping, how you’re vaping, how often you switch juices and so on.

I usually rebuild once every week, sometimes more, sometimes less. My current build is nearly 2 weeks in my rda simply because I was lazy and I’m still getting more than decent flavor out of it.


There was a code for a longer period but did only apply to the purilum flavors. Don’t work anymore I think. Same with the new customer code. I wish there would be a overall code for even just 5% off like other vendors do, but its not there yet or I’m not aware off, and I do mostly order from them. Just have to check for the sales and pray its not sold out by the time you get there lol. Sadly the newsletter subscription isn’t working either, because while I’m subscribed, mostly I find out about sales here or on a other forum.

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Hello! We currently are not offering any discount codes. As of right now the only deal that’s present on our website is Free Shipping over $50.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


I want a discount code :frowning: … I would like to make the diy kit my very first purchase from your site, contents look Awesome.

I thought building a coil would be a little more difficult than it turned out to be. Saving so much cash not smoking ciggs, making my own ejuice and now building my own coils :blush:, the juice def has more flavour using a personally built coil.


@Tmflambert86 first of all, let me say welcome to the community! Second, let me say that the bottle you have there is meant to add your flavors into it, shake it, let it steep. or if you wanted 3mg you could split it in half.

Look here, I provided a link to My Freedom Smokes. They use highly rated Nic. It is the only nic I have ever used, so you know it’s got to be good. :roll_eyes:

All joking aside, it is good Nic. Also, I didn’t read every comment, so I don’t know if any one told you how to use the calculator. just click on create recipe, put the numbers in, and wa la?

its about fifty dollars and sometimes they have a sale and you can get it for $40. I use this nic and love it.


I can’t remember whether it’s said before, but there are pro’s and cons in using these pre-mix base liquids.
The lower your nicotine concentration is, the longer you can keep it (provided you keep it stored in a dark, dry and cool place). These pre-mixes are meant to just add your flavors or one-shots, shake and be on your merry way.
The con however is that you don’t have much control over your final vg/pg ratio, nor do you have control over the final nic %. Some recipes have minimal flavoring while others go way high up (e.g. 5% flavor total vs 30% flavor total). The flavor % is going to dilute your pre-mix base and offset your ratios.
If your recipe doesn’t use too much flavor content, then it probably won’t matter a whole lot, but the higher % flavor content can make a big difference (e.g. your tank will start leaking, give more of a throat hit by higher PG content, not give you the satisfactory nic boost that you crave).
Also, if you mix for other people who want different ratios, you’re quite fast out of options or you’ll have to buy several different pre-mix variants.

Most people here (in the forums at least) buy their products separate: 100% VG, 100%PG and a separate nicotine solution. That gives people total freedom to mix however they want. You could make 5 different e-liquids with completely different ratios and strengths and be exact in your measurements. It’s a little bit more cumbersome because you’ll need to handle 3 bottles instead of 1.
Nicotine is easiest to work with if you buy it in 100%PG base (less chance of nicotine hot spots). You should only really consider nic in VG base if you have an issue with PG.
The higher the nicotine % of your nicotine base, the less you will need to use (usually the cheaper it becomes in usage too), but it will also go bad sooner than in lower strengths. For any strength of nicotine, it’s always advised to wear gloves when you’re handling nicotine solutions.