Review and Giveaway of Digiflavor Themis RTA - Mesh Version

My first thought I’d like to share - Optimus Prime! No, this isn’t any Transformers atomizer, although looking at it I am somewhat reminded of their infamous logo

I don’t know, maybe I’m seeing things that aren’t there. But we’ll get back to Prime shortly.
This review will focus primarily on the mesh build deck as @worm1 already did a good review of the dual coil version which is the same, just a different deck.

The Themis RTA with wide bore 810 drip tip installed
Extras - o-rings, multi tool, 510 drip tip adapter
Wide bore 510 drip tip
Spare Glass
2 ea strips of mesh, Kanthal, Nichrome and Stainless Steel

What wasn’t included is any spare screws.

Ok, so take a look at this build deck. As you will notice, this is a fairly straightforward clamp-style deck specifically designed for mesh. It’s not hard at all to see how this should be used. However, I personally looked at it and decided off the get go that the air flow holes were up too high, so I immediately set out to try and build a set up that would be high enough to receive direct air from those holes…

Oh yeah, and don’t be fighting over the mod it’s sitting on…the answer is NO you can’t have it! :slight_smile:

Anyway, my adventure began by trying to build this with the mesh up high enough to catch direct airflow which I knew would be important to flavor.

The problem was the amount of wick this required is far too much for those little juice flow holes. I had to trim the cotton substantially to get them even remotely inserted

Hey, looks good to me. I put that primed build back in the Themis and took off. One puff, awesome! Two puffs, still good. Third puff, getting dry now. Fourth puff - big ol’ honkin dry hit. So I lowered the power, kept vaping and after 30 or so puffs started raising the power again. And once again, terrible dry hit.

I won’t bore you with more photos of my failures. Suffice it to say I kept trying, lowering the build height a bit at a time and running through the few pieces of mesh that were included in this kit. Till finally…

I have determined that the maximum height you can build with this is where the top of the mesh (as in the next photo) is dissecting the air holes.

Yes dear friends, this is the apex, the pinnacle, the absolute maximum length of mesh I was able to build with and still have a satisfying vape with wicks that can keep up with the build.

I cut the tails to be just long enough to go down the channels and sit flush with the bottom…

Now for the “Prime” business.

With this much cotton, getting full saturation is more important than with say even 4mm ID wire coils. You’re asking a lot of such a big piece of cotton, so it needs to be saturated down to the center, which actually takes a while. But you can get a good start by first wetting the outside surface, then pulsing while you continue to add more juice. So drop, pulse, drop, pulse, until you see the juice is just running off the sides of the mesh when pulsing. This will take you a long way toward having the cotton fully primed and ready to vape.

Even with these drop/pulse/drop/pulse efforts, it’s still not fully ready. I found when you first start vaping on it, you need to keep power low for a few ml before this thing is wicking efficiently. Speaking of that, the above build is one of the Kanthal mesh pieces and it came out to 0.13 ohms. Contrary to what I’m used to with round wire and that resistance, this can’t really be vaped at high wattage. The max watts I used was 60 (3.2v on a PWM mod), airflow about 1/3 open, and it was indeed a great vape, nice thick clouds and plenty of flavor. :thinking:

Now you can always build this with a shorter piece of mesh. DJLSB has a video with build tutorial and he cuts those mesh pieces in half. It will wick more efficiently sooner, that’s for sure. But flavor also suffers. The airflow simply doesn’t hit the mesh when you do that type build, and I’m all about the flavor and figuring out where to find it. Hence wasting almost all the mesh that came with this thing.

I’d like to give this away to one of ELR’s US members. Go visit the website for Health Cabin and pick something you like, then come back and post the link. You’ll automatically be entered in my giveaway. I will run this giveaway starting now through Tuesday night. The winner will be announced Wednesday, March 28.

You mesh vape fans, and especially the ones who like tanks, this is a good one.

Let’s do the pros and cons thing

Solid, well built and well machined
Easy to build on
Does NOT leak
Great airflow
Great looks

Air flow at the deck is a bit too high
Air flow when open halfway is a bit noisy
Learning curve for wicking (for those not accustomed to mesh)
No spare screws

Thanks @HealthCabin for another fine offering.


Nice review SM…looks like u had fun finding the sweet spot…also thats a nice jesture to give it away to any one who is into mesh or not…

Again …nice review…very informative


Thanx for the review. I’ve had a growing interest in mesh tanks so this was good timing!
Here’s a link from HC. Even though it’s out of stock I’ve always had a hankering for this bad boy…


Great review @SthrnMixer , been wondering about this tank, thanks for taking the time. Not an entry but this did give me inspiration to mess with the vandy vape mesh rta I have been fiddling with, this Themis looks a lot easier to wick.

@TorturedZen, Think Vape has already announced the DNA250C version of the Finder you linked, should be available next month. The DNA250C adds the Replay feature that looks to be a game changer.


A fine review, I would love to try that because I’ve never been able to wrap.
Let me in your contest, daddy needs a new Themis!


Major kudos on fighting through what must’ve been frustrating AF.

Appreciate the time and efforts!
Nicely done sir!


There is my entry. Nice review.


That’s my entry, idk how well it will copy paste because I’m on my phone. I love the review, should I win figuring out the airflow seems like the first challenge…I’ve got a bundle of mesh sitting around though. Did you try it with a regular coil? I read in digiflavor’s product description that you could still use regular coils with the mesh deck, a big fat single coil might look good in there:) thanks for the review and the giveaway!

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Thanks for the review, all building / wicking tips gratefully received. here’s my entry although not entirely sure I’m doing this right…

Edit: palm-to-forehead moment. I’m in UK. If that makes postage ridiculously high then I’ll withdraw my entry :cry:


Oh dang guys, check this out. Seems awesome for stashing in the car in case of emergency. Nice review @SthrnMixer.

Here is my entry!


Not a lot of entrants for this one, but we have a winner. Congrats @JMak642


Aww. Would you look at that? I won! Hurray!

Unfortunately, I got to try exactly this at my local B&M yesterday afternoon. Honestly I didn’t care for it. Why don’t you send it to the next guy @Sthrnmixer. I guess that’d be @oldvaporuser.


Congrats jmak!

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Here’s my entry

Too late stabber, but keep looking around and entering contests here and you can win.
My streak is over but I have won letteraly 100’s of dollars worth of equipment.
Congrats go to @oldvaporuser.

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great review thanks alot

Nice review @SthrnMixer, I haven’t got around to playing with a mesh deck yet, got tons of the stuff but haven’t even opened the packet, you’ve given me some good tips there for when I do, appreciate that :wink: …I also can’t help but think that this might work better if the clamps were closer together? the mesh is more looped, instead of ending up a semi circle…if you know what I mean, the dry hit malarky puts me off and I’ve heard it from everyone, but it seems you have to get it just right to get the best out of it, anyway…thanks for sharing man, great job :wink:

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High praise! Thanks for the kind words good sir.

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Great review @SthrnMixer!!

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Lies! All lies!! :sunglasses: