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Review- Bohr Flask Pod kit


This device was sent to me for the purpose of this review from Bohr Vape.

I’ve been using the Flask for a couple of weeks now. It has several features to go over but I’ll try to make it brief. What this is, is a pod device with a chip in it like a regular box mod would have. It has a display screen and up and down buttons. They make two coils for it, one of each included in the kit.

Packaging was nice. The Flask came wraped in a protective sleeve, sitting in a foam cut-out. Beneath that I found two coils, and a micro usb cable. There’s a user manual, warranty card, and warning card.

The chip-

The Saga Chip has 3 main modes . Wattage - Voltage - and Play mode.

  • In Wattage mode you can adjust the Flask from 1.0W to 20.0W
  • In Voltage mode you can adjust it between 1.00V to 4.20V.
  • I’m guessing Play mode means amps? There’s an “A” symbol you can adjust from 1.00A up to 7.00A.

I usually vape my devices in just plain old wattage mode. But the other modes with this device really allow you to dial it in with the two decimal places. It’s pretty easy to switch between modes by pressing the screen 3 times. The screen also is the fire button. I didn’t like the idea at first but it has posed zero problems. It’s a nice bright screen that displays things nicely. I love that it has a battery indicator. Here’s a photo of it-


The Saga chip has multiple protections . I’ll post an illustration of those-

There’s two different coils. They’re similar to the popular Smok Nord’s coils. They’re pull and plug style, ones for MTL and the other is mesh. The Coils-


The 1.2Ω (Ceramic) MTL Coil surprised me right from the start. It’s gives a true MTL draw. The flavor was good while I used it. I used it in wattage mode around 9.5W and got satisfying tasty drags. I took a photo to show how the air goes through the coil. The two dots is how air goes into it in this pic-
You can see that would be a nice tight draw. I changed it prematurely to try the mesh coil.

The . 4Ω Mesh coil is nice to use. I like to use the Play mode with this one. I used it at 12W for a while but noticed I got more flavor in Play mode while making adjustments. Like I said you can really dial it in to your preference. This coil fires fast and gives pretty good flavor. I like using 18mg salt liquid in it. That seems to be about perfect for me. Here’s a photo from the top of each coil-

The Flask has a decent sized battery in it. 1150mAh lasts a long time with the coils this uses. It doesn’t take long to charge fully either. It’s usually ready a little over an hour when I plug it in.

The pods secure nicely into the Flask. The mouth pice has been pretty comfortable as well. They hold 2ml of eliquid but I haven’t measured. The coils slide into place easily and stay there until you pull them out. I’ve had zero leaking with this which is really nice. The refill plug is a good. It’s rubber and does it’s job. When it’s time to fill, it pops out and swivels. Here’s a photo of that-
There’s a way to check you eliquid level without actually taking the pod out. I just turn it upside down and you can see the liquid in the mouth piece of the pod. It’s just a trick I use to make sure it doesn’t run low.


Modes- Wattage/Voltage/Play
Bright OLED Screen display
Battery life Indicator
Nice portable size
Great brushed metal finish
Both coils work really well- great flavor
Excellent battery life
No leaking for me

I have a hard time thinking of any cons. I really like this device. I’ve noticed while filling it, my liquid has a hard time flowing freely. There’s very little room between the coil and the pod. It could be my VG/PG ratio but it’s more bothersome than an actual con.

If you read the whole thing, thank you. I don’t review products regularly. It really takes some concentration to find the right words sometimes lol. Anyways, it’s a very good pod kit. I have the Novo, Nord, C-Flat Mini, Icare, and the Caliburn to compare. None of those has the features this one has.


Nicely done, thank you. Been researching pods for my uncle, think he might like this one.


Thanks for the review. I was unable to pull up some of the photos but I got the picture. :smile:


I think he’d like it. I’m definitely going to pick another one up.


Thanks for taking the time to review this Pod kit.


Nice review!

How does the flavor compare to the Nord with the mesh coil?


They’re similar. I didn’t use the same liquid in both devices. But I’d say it’s about even. The Nord’s coils are a bit bigger (in actual size), and have a more open draw. The mesh coils for this are about the same draw as the Caliburn.


That’s good to know, thanks for the feedback :+1: