[Review] Digiflavor Siren GTA MTL

Rather than relinking all the photos and stuff, I’ll just post a link to my review on Reddit. Hope that’s cool. Hit me up if you have questions about this baby :sunglasses:


Great review T G W!
I’ve had my Siren 22 about a month now & yep I’m loving it!.. mostly.
As you say, the flavor is excellent…I couldn’t wish for better!
However, I have 3 issues with it.
I have an RX200 & a Pico & it doesn’t sit anywhere near flush on either- sits up almost a mil. I have fixed that with a spacer.
Issue 2 is the airflow. It seems I like a much tighter draw than you coz the smallest hole is way too airy for me. I want a draw like a cig and the small hole just doesn’t cut itt …well, it doesn’t for me. Yes, you can close it down to 1/2 or even 1/4 & get a fantastic draw, but I find it moves which gets a tad annoying after a while. Interestingly, there is 1 more click after the smallest hole …probably where the smallest hole should 'Ve been. If I had a drill press, that prob would be solved too, but as I don’t, and I really like this tank, I’m going to take it to a machine shop & pay them to drill it - a worthwhile expense IMO.
Issue 3 prob comes down to my wicking, or user error some how, coz twice now mine has leaked like crazy. I will say it hasn’t happened since I’ve been using shorter wicks.
These issues aside, it is a wonderful tank - definitely a keeper!

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Strange, the Siren fits perfectly flush on my Pico. Did you try tightening the 510 pin on the tank? On my evic mini it’s not flush tho.

Very interesting idea regarding drilling it. Have you found a way to take apart the base to get at the airflow control ring? If I had one gripe I could change about this tank, it would be that the base is not fully able too be disassembled. I like to clean my tanks thoroughly and that factor prevents it. I can of course just run water through it but I like to see inside and make sure I dry things fully.

As for a airflow hole, I’ll admit it wouldve made a lot of sense to add one smaller, especially since the tank seems to have an extra stop for it like you pointed out. I personally don’t find the afc moves around when I set the smallest hole to halfway. If it’s in my pocket it might but not while vaping. Drilling a hole seems like a good idea but since I can’t (figure out how to) get the afc ring off, I’d be worried about getting metal shards stuck in the airflow area for eternity lol.

Overall, great tank, it’s crazy how few options there are for new MTL tanks!

I can see light under the Siren 22 on my Pico too, and can’t tighten the 510 pin. What material did you use for your spacer?

Fortunately I have access to a drill press so my AFC now has a 1.2mm hole at the closed position and yes it’s DEFINITELY worth it. Much like a loose rollie no filter. Go smaller if you like it tighter than this - I would have (prefer medium roll + filter) except it was the smallest bit the chuck would hold. I reckon 25% tighter so 0.9mm, and you can always make it bigger… Had no trouble with swarf - HEAPS of HOT water through both ends.

My first RTA was a Bellus and anything bigger than 2.5mm ID was too easy to short on the chamber, so I built 2.5mm ID coils for the Siren as I knew how much cotton to use. Never had a poofteenth of a leak or dry-hit. Gorgeous flavour, even better than the Ubertoot UTA2. Thought I’d try to improve things (as you do…) and put a 3mm build in. First taste of cotton EVER in this tank! - obviously choking at the base of the deck. Tried a 2mm ID build and it leaked. Not much but it did - obviously not enough cotton to stop the gravity-induced flow. So 2.5mm seems the sweet-spot.

My wicks either just touch the bottom or are too long and have to be pushed around the corner out of the way of the o-ring/glass joint. Makes no difference to leaking, dry-hits, or capacity (as measured by syringe), as the extra cotton only displaces its mass, and even 20mmx2.5mm cotton weighs FA…

Thinking about buying another one, and my own drill press (always wanted one anyway… :wink: ) so I can drill a 0.9mm hole. Depends how my Kabuki and Nautilus (with VVTF RBA) work out (when they finally get here…)

I hawe both 22 and 25 Siren
I tried different wick modes and in my opinion Siren 22 is more inclined to leaks
Siren 25 has no problems.

I dont think mine (22) has leaked since- dont know what I was doing to make it leak… oh well, no leaks = happy!
What do you think of the 25? have they fixed the airflow to make it a tighter draw? this was my biggest beef with the 22. I was going to drill another hole but in the end that seemed like too much hassle - just been running mine with the smallest hole 1/2 closed.

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The airflow in both models 22 and 25 is the same.
I don’t want to make it more tight. I like it as is.
For more tight ‘cigarette’ airflow I use Kayfun mini v3 and Doggystye.

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My next candidate for purchase is siren V2 :slight_smile:

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Oops lol… this is the one I thought you were talking about - I forgot about the orig 25 version.
I’ve got my eye on a Vandy Vape Berserker at the mo…

I too. But I’ve heard. that it is whimsical during wicks installation and prone to leaks
For now I will wait for more reviews

Berserker is pretty great. To avoid leaks, wick it like you would a Kayfun, I prefer a little more cotton to be on the safe side. And when you fill it, simply close the airflow. For me, no leaks at all so far. It does weep though once the coils get gunky. I recommend both the Berserker and Siren V2. Siren V2 is almost perfect for me. Only beef is that they changed the build deck from V1. V2 screws annoy the crap out of me. Not a deal breaker but definitely backwards thinking from the design team. They made up for it with overall better airflow and flavor than V1.

@vonTrueso @Nextron (I’m late to the party I know…)

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