Review: Exceed D19 by Joyetech

The Joyetech Exceed D19 starter kit comes with a 1500mAh Exceed D19 battery and a 2ml Exceed D19 atomizer.

The device comes with all the books cards and cables PLUS an Exceed D19 Sticker!

Take a look at the vent hole, it can be closed so small it makes for a perfect MTL.

This In my opinion is the best starter kit available. I’ts small but really produces. The tank gives great flavor, in part (I think) because of the small volume. It is easy to refill. and the 1500mah battery lasts a good long time. It is a small mod much smaller than the eGo but again IMO works much better. The coil is smaller but works better also than the BF coils for the eGo and produces perfect vapor with no spitback . The entire device is just 4 1/2" long from the bottom of the battery to the top of the drip tip, so it fits easily into your pocket. Again like the eGo devices there are no adjustments to confuse someone just getting started vaping. The only setting that can be changed is direct battery power or regulated power, when regulated power is active the device gives the same vapor output when fully charged as it does when the battery is almost drained. There is an LED light between the tank and the battery that appears white (direct power) and gold (regulated power).

size: 19mm x 118mm (length 118mm is 4 & 5/8" long)
weight: 73g (2.6 oz)
Battery Capacity: 1500 mAh
Capacity: 2ML


Ooh I like the light! Very cool!


Thanks for the love, the light changes to indicate it’s 2 modes and also the battery level, unfortunately i dropped it (2 times) the second time i also accidently kicked it across the rock tile floor. The battery stiill works but the glass broke.

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A free sticker! @Steampugs will be well jel!

Thanks for the review @CosmicTruth :smiley:


but…but…I want all the stickers :sob:


Very nice, to bad you broke it already!

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Good news Bro, the device also comes with a SPARE GLASS! I found the BOX o spare parts!

Mine came with 2, I think they stuck together at the factory. One is on my suitcase and one is on my vape box. but np if you buy exceed d19 i bet there is one in the box!


I’ve noticed when the battery is getting low if I switch to direct power mode I get a better hit. I don’t know if this is a device programming error or a built in feature.
I know several MTL vapers are loving the airflow on this device. For me I like DTL and a bigger box even tho this battery lasts all day and charges quickly. This device really puts out for its size, I just like a little more power and vapor, and I like being able to tweak and control as much as possible even tho i always run my boxes in Vw at about 40W. Compare this to the old eGo pens and this one is 500% better. Joyetech is getting good at the micro coils, I still haven’t burnt the original coil so haven’t tried to rebuild it. more on that later. The coil is NiCr and there are 2 coils: EX 0.5ohm direct-lung head (best at 28W) and EX 1.2ohm mouth-to-lung head (best at 12W), so they have 2 coils with different “best at wattages” on a pen that has no way to change the Watts. Maybe the device knows what coil is installed?

Get the poster:

In closing I suggest wrapping multiple rubber bands around it if you have a hole in your shirt pocket. But for a new vaper making the transition I highly recommend this device.