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Hey ELR Community,

I just wanted to share my experience with I in no way am I employed by them, have received anything free in return of this review. I will try my best to keep this short.

First order. I ordered everything on this order. A new mod, batteries, rda, rdta, and everything on my wishlist needed to start building my own coils. To say the least the order was close to $400…yup I ordered everything I would want now and 5 months from now for building. Shortly after submitting my order I received an email asking to verify my identity. I didn’t like the route requested to do this, so I emailed them on Saturday. Believe it or not was emailed right back, and got everything sorted out right away in a matter that made me more comfortable. Thanks Vince for doing this on a Saturday.

On that first order I had selected a highly rated mod. Welp, keeping this short, all the reviews were full of crap. Finally, an honest review was posted to youtube and explained why the mod wasn’t running tc. This is time to note it was to be my first dual battery mod and to run in TC mode (I only have a ipvd2). Ireached out to eciggity inquiring about the issue and if they had any plans to take care of their customers. I also asked for their product posted to be at least updated to reflect the new found information.

To my surprise: The product was removed from the website the following day and the CSR automatically said she could send me a return label if I would like and offered a store credit or full refund. Since I didn’t feel that the issue was caused by them and was surprised by the offer I opted for a store credit. Still though, a return beyond first few days of having the item and removal of a product from their website…I don’t think you will find that with alot of the online sites (shame on the few still selling this product incorrectly).

I sent the item back. Yup, Eccigty is in Hawaii, but because USPS goes by air the shipping is pretty fast. Eccigty received my item on a Saturday and processed it late in the day. Again, Vince is working on a Saturday…and he got it done pretty quick so I could submit my new order.

Second order. Yup, submitted a new order, and again it was processed right away and received 5 days later after free shipping.

I know not all user experiences may not always be the same. There can be a bad story out there. It is true, you can’t really get a hold of them over the phone. However, all the times I used the chat function and email the response times were very very short. This is only my experience with Eccigity so far. Of course they don’t have a zillion items on their site, but I find they have many many of the popular items we are all search for. I find their prices competitive if not better than my other retailer of choice (actually always better). I do find it takes one more day on free shipping to get an item, but I also find that I saved $15-20 and I can wait a day for that.

All in all, thanks Eciggity for taking care of me. I could not have asked for more at this time.


They’re good folks at ECiggity! :grinning: I had issues with my first Evic mini and it was the same story; they paid for shipping to and fro, got me another one and I’ve been happy ever since. And because of their good customer service, I’ve spent a metric crap load of money with them over the years! :scream:


Good to hear. I really only posted since i don’t see a ton of feedback on eciggity. Good or bad. Most because it’s the same story. Something bad happens that person tells ten people. Something good happens and that person doesn’t always say something.

I’m still at a state of shock that I didn’t have to fight over it. I see all these other issues over returns and stuff with other suppliers. Surely it’s for good reason. But still very happy.


My order from them made it to Dallas a day earlier than expected. Very fast shipper.


Bumping this old thread up to tell another good Eciggity story! :sunglasses:

I couldn’t find another SJMY Kayfun V5 at my usual vendor… sold out and probably not going to restock them. :confused: So, I went looking down other avenues.

Eciggity still had the Tobeco Kayfun V5 in stock; particularly the black version… the color for which I was shopping.

Ordered it 2/6/2019… got it in hand 2/9/2019… Hawaii to the East Coast in 4 days, sent USPS First Class (slow boat). Far as I’m concerned, USPS has tightened up their act lately. :thinking: We Amazon a lot and packages are typically on the porch when they’re supposed to be. Anyway…

So, unfortunately, the Black Tobeco KF V5 steel tank had a bunch of factory scratches/gouges which were extremely noticeable and objectionable. :smirk:… quality control? What’s that?!?

I emailed Eciggity immediately, described the issue, sent pretty pictures, and made my request for restitution. I just wanted them to send me a new tank section which wasn’t scratched. They went above and beyond my request. Eciggity is sending me another complete KF V5. Love those guys! :kissing_heart: No request from Eciggity was made of me to return the, scratched to hell, first KF in my possession.

This is the main reason why I’ve shopped at Eciggity over the years… they do what is necessary to keep customers happy and returning for more business. If something is wrong with a product they sell… they make it right… in a big damn hurry to boot! :sunglasses:

My thanks to Vince and the Gang at Eciggity! Keep up the good work. :grinning:


Great bump. Eciggity is always my first stop. Three years worth of orders and no problems.


I only ordered 3 times from them, never had to use the customer service, so i cant speak about that.

But my packages always arrived very quick 1-2 days from hawaii to california. Always well packaged and in very good condition.

My first stop is always eightvape, due to them being in vegas and i always liked their customer support. However lately i find myself always checking eciggity’s webpage first and even today purchased some products there.

Got shipping label created message 30 mins after i placed my order. I start to like them :wink: