Review of Lotus RTA by Hugsvape

This is a review of an RTA by a company called Hugsvape. Health Cabin sent me this RTA for purpose of this review. I have no contract nor affiliation with Health Cabin and was asked to select a product of my choice to review and post here.

I chose the Lotus RTA to review because of the raving and excitement that I heard from other vapors and reviewers. The one thing that caught my attention was the fact that everyone I spoke to that knew anything about the Lotus had one common denominator that raised my brows. That was the flavor delivery of this system and how the user loved the way it vapes. Now I have been caught up and burned with hype before and my question was, “Is this going to deliver or disappoint?” Read on to find out if you wish.

The Lotus RTA came in this box and is very nice and held the tank neatly with the bubble tank.

The deck reminded me of an upgraded GT deck or Genny type deck. Some might call this an RDTA but I’ve never argued that point. If it vapes great, I don’t mind what you call it. Notice the cone shaped chimney? This is an important design here to point out.


You can see here the short chambered chimney and how the taper is short and close to the drip tip. Another important design telling me before trying it that it looks very promising for a flavor chaser like myself.


The top fill cap flips open and closes by pressing down and sliding a small tab to a locked position. I didn’t care for the wobble and play I found associated with this feature and I wonder how long before this may or may not fail.


This is everything that came with the RTA. The Lotus, bubble tank and spare parts bag w/wrench.

So here are the pros I found with the Lotus RTA

*3 piece tank-I love less parts
*Excellent machining and quality steel
*Nice looking tank with classic designs upgraded
*Bubble tank has 5ml capacity
*Plenty of air flow and air flow adjustment stays in place

  • Can use othe drip tips
    *Produces a thick and dense vapor
    *Grub screw placement doesn’t crush exotic coils

And the cons

*Top fill hinge is wonky and wobbles

  • No coils or wicking material included

Conclusion and Recommendations

After spending a month with this tank, the top fill hinge has held up and I have not yet had any problems with the wobble in the hinge. I found this to be an excellent performing tank and the flavor production turned out not to be hype, it is phenomenal and very dense. The way this tanks vapes is unique to other tanks and has a superior vapor performance that can only be experienced by using this tank. I have not been this impressed with an RTA before, Wow.

As for my recommendations, if you are a flavor chaser or an RTA guy/gal, then this tank will not let you down. I tried exotic and regular wire coils and both performed beyond what I expected. If you are a new tank builder I do not recommend this to start builds on. The deck is easily to cause a short because of the short chimney and although that may sound inconvenient, this part of why the flavor is so great. Wicking is fairly easy, but there is that too much and too little component of cotton where other tanks are more forgiving, this one is not. But this situation forces the user to make the “right” or “balanced” wick for excellent performance and flavor. As for love for this tank, I can’t put it down.


Great review…I got one when they first came out…after watching a few reviews…they all say what you have said… After building it was very surprised in the flavor an the vape production…flavor is top notch …it is also easy to build on… well it was so good i ordered another…lol… As u said the wicking has to be right, I used rayon an was lucky i got it right the first time…
First one was the gunmetal …which is a nice finish…second one is the gold one…sexy as hell…lol… I have recommended this to a few people my self…its worth having if you like flavor chasing…

Again great review…thanks


Thank you for the review. I’m going to have to break down and snag one. At the same time make more atty stands as they are now rolling around here and there, lol.


I know that situation well myself but can you have too many tanks? Errr, nope!!! :wink:


be careful with that one. I bought one and it’s defective. no proper seal with the deck section. And now it’s about 10 days since i contacted hugsvape and waiting for a meaningfull response.

@Beaufort_Batches good review man. The flavor on it is amazing :slight_smile: (before all the juice leaks out of mine) Just one thing to note with the one I got, the top hinge opens only up to 60 degrees. Can’t open it full 90 degrees like in your photo.


Lol, well, I’ll know by mid week. I am now the proud, or bum, owner of one.


The Lotus leaked on me when I first built it and I did not figure out the wicking balance until about the 5th or 6th try. This is one reason I did not recommend to start builds on unless experienced. I did not have any deck seal problems.

So your top fill cap won’t open 90 degrees? I have since gotten 3 more of these and I haven’t had any of the trouble you are having.

If Hugsvape won’t reply to you message them that your are posting on ELR about the service you are getting from them. If you still do not get a response, PM me and I’ll take care of it.


I will give them a few more days before I actually start really bitching about it :slight_smile:

I know about the wicking in this one. I re-wicked it at least 20 times (and wasted tons of juice on it), but the bottom seal is totally off. I even made videos of it and sent them the youtube links. I will send them to you in private so you can compare to yours.


Ok, thanks @adary, I will watch the video.


:sweat_smile: Thank God for that, I’ve already spend way too much money on gear lately.
Fortunately I’m not a guy so I’m off the hook :laughing: :fishing_pole_and_fish:

Nice review :+1:


I’m really bum to see this. Not just because I bought one but because ignoring complaints seems to be becoming an epidemic. For us who attend forums we can apply some pressure but most vapers are simply left without recourse. I find myself constantly saying to make a design mistake or have a snafu in manufacturing is just a fact of life but to ignore the problem is unacceptable.


Ahhh, you know you want one @Josephine_van_Rijn.:wink:


I couldn’t agree more. I have no problem with mistakes or manufacturing defects. Those happen even to the best (including myself in my field of expertise), but at least answer e-mails :slight_smile:


Lol, no excuse!!! Go buy one! Imagine you favorite e-liquid with a whole new, more flavorful vape. You need this. You know the voices won’t stop until you do…


Just for you @Josephine_van_Rijn,

if you are a flavor chaser or an RTA guy/gal


Already getting off topic, but I made a mistake with one of my mixes, and the flavor was way too strong in an RTA for vaping. The solution was to use a smok tank. it muted the flavor so much that it became reasonably tasty :slight_smile:


I’ve just ordered 4 RDA’s since I’m a little short in that department because of not liking to drip.
This bloody Recurve Squonk Mod is demanding something more than a Wasp Nano so…
I’m sure I will get one at some point, don’t worry :laughing:


Finally a good use for a Smok, make horrible juices palatable. Thanks for the laugh, I needed one.


That is hilarious! I’ve done similar too. A friend gave me a bottle of some God awful pungent stuff he got off the shelf and I vaped it in an old Griffin. Actually made it vapable. Still ended throwing most of it away but it was a fun experiment.


I subbed strawberry ripe (tpa) 1.5% with strawberry (tpa) 2% in my mango vape. after a week the strawberrt was so overpowering that i couldn’t vape it in the kylin mini (my only proper RTA currently) or any RDA’s i have

Anyways, perhaps we should open a thread for this stuff and stop derailing this excellent review :smiley: