Review of Rocky's Nut Sack

Alright, alright, don’t get yer knickers in a knot! I told Rocky I was going to talk about his Nut Sack and he made me promise I would embellish the details.

Check cookies?


I may eat peanuts in RL but never have I had the desire to vape them. The closest I got was 555 Gold (INW) and a wee bit of Beer Nuts (FLV) in a popcorn recipe. But this, this is a full blown Nut Sack! If you hate peanuts don’t even come close because Rocky really nailed it. And I love that he accomplished this with three flavors. How he knew that Honey Puffs (OOO) was going to be an excellent support, Idk, but it works adding some sweetness and AP without you even knowing it’s there. It really is the full package, saltiness and all. The inhale is sweet with peanuts and the exhale is salty with peanuts. Voila!

Speaking of saltiness, I read somewhere that chemists use some sort of peptides to create the sensation of saltiness. Used too high can give off a metalic taste. Some vapers describe a musty afternote from Beer Nuts and I’m not sure what causes that, maybe peptides? I’m one of those people who picks up on that afternote so I lowered my pct a bit and it’s perfect for me. At first, I tried adding a drop or two of Brown Sugar (SC)(RF) to cover up the musty/metalic note and it worked but it also detracted from the saltiness so you may want to rethink that.

Thanks to Rocky I can now stop peanut butter doubting.

Thx Rock, I hope I did ya good :blush:


Hehe, thanks @muth, glad you enjoyed it as much as others have :joy:


Lol, Rocky, you said embellish…
NOT relish :rofl: