Review on the Cotton - Bacon v2 vs Cotton Candy vs Muji + Some more cottons

@SynysterVapes great review man! thanks! :slight_smile:

please post us links to buy Drago! :wink:

and another cotton that i’ve foudn but i have no idea if it’s any good but looks interesting:



if anyone has any information about those, please post it here!!!

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Finding it state side it a bitch right now.
Ebay usually has it, but not currently.

I’ve switched to Muji currently. It has to be imported from Japan, but it’s nice.
It doesn’t mute flavors like the other Japanese cottons I’ve used.

Muji is different, yes. it doesn’t have any additional after tastes as the other japs…

why did you turn to Muji if you have other good stuff?

i wick with it sometimes, because i’ve bought plenty when i’ve started vaping but when i’ll finish it, won’t go back to it …

i think that Muji is better with kanthal but not with Ti1 or SSL

Thanks for the great review…never tried the Bacon. Been using Muji for a long time…tried Fiber Freaks lyocell cellulose about 3 months ago and never looked back. It wicks superbly, lasts super long, and really conveys the liquid’s flavor perfectly.

A bit pricey at over $3 for 4 50x70mm pads…but that is somewhat mitigated by its exceptionally long life. For me I usually forget to rewick until I remember…usually about a month, and I vape 12+ ml per day (I don’t vape heavy juices so my coils don’t really gunk). And, my old wicks rinse out to pristine white with a little darkening where it was inside the coil (I don’t reuse it, of course).

Comes in two styles: 01 fluffy I use for my tanks, and 02 compressed for my rda’s. The trick is to pack it in the coil super tight…doesn’t expand like cotton, and in fact shrinks a bit when wet. .With smaller gauge wire you need to hold the coil with tweezers to prevent the coil from distorting, that’s how tight it needs to be. Not a big problem for me as I mainly use 22/24 gauge.

I switched to Muji during a financial emergency actually.
I usually use bacon or drago. Both where outside my budget at the time. And I hate other Japanese cotton.
Read about Muji and said F it I’ll get it… And I love the stuff.

I am actually one of those guys that like the Cotton Candy. I use it in every build i do and theres no break in time and the flavor i get out of it is good.
Tried Fiber Freaks and the Muji but didn’t really like them.
Got an order for Grahams Cellucotton (rayon) on its way and i am looking forward to try that since i heard good things about it.

hello :slight_smile:

I just bought some SSL to try and I seem to prefer my Muji to the Bacon in my K1 wire so I am glad you posted this. Great review too, I like the way Muji tends to thread easier through my coils without a tendency to break apart like the Bacon seems too. But I think that is mostly because I have more experience working with the Muji pads and judge the amount better.

I’ve only used Cotton Bacon, but my brother used the Cotton Candy and hated it. He’s a more extreme vaper - fancy coil builds, extremely low ohms, very high wattage. He said the Cotton Candy kept breaking down in his dripper overnight, but that he could go for a week on Cotton Bacon.

ok, here’s some information about the Red Organic Cotton and the Peruvian Pima Organic Cotton. i’ve got some answers from the owner of the website that is selling those products

here are my questions to Rob:

  1. are you a vaper yourself? it would be great to hear from your personal experience about the cotton…
    i’m a flavor chasing vaper. trying to find new interesting cotton.

  2. to your opinion, what are the difference between - Raw Organic Angel Hair Cotton and Peruvian Pima Organic Cotton and Red Organic Cotton - i’m a bit confused about those… is it possible to describe the taste quality and difference with those cottons?


Here’s the answer:

Sorry for the delay, I fell down the stairs and broke my leg, so my son has been doing all the shipping and did not have access to the emails. Yes, I also vape. The red organic is best for tobacco type flavors to intensify it, this is also true for the hemp products, anything with tobacco or coffee, works real well. The peruvian cotton pima is excellent for desert flavors, the cleanest cap is the sterile cotton and also the cellucotton rayon or cotton. The japanese pads of almost any type are a great all around flavor chaser.

The cotton is all different spending on whether you are going for clouds, which you would use the fluff type cotton, flavor is best had with the others. If you have a tank and not an atty, that is when you want to use the cotton that is stranded, hemp, peruvian or cotton to fit in your tank well. It depends on your atty, your coils and what you want to do, that’s why there are so many available.

Hope this information will be usefull for anyone! :slight_smile:

this website has the biggest choice of cotton than i have ever seen

this guy has also an ebay store:

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i havent had very good results with rda / rta until i started using cotton bacon v2 i just got this stuff and can honestly say cotton is not cotton i now enjoy vaping with rtas and rdas what a huge difference from those sguare pad you get from kangertech or that is sent to you with your rtas WOW is all i can say

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I’ve not used cotton bacon. Vaping bogans review though listed team vape labs as his favourite. I’ve used it and it’s excellent. Huge con though is that it’s not in the convenient format. It’s a big rolled up chunky square. Get it right and it’s amazing. I can also attest to rayon being a great wicking material.

For those into trying different wicks I’d definitely recommend you try team vape lab cotton.


im very impressed with the cotton bacon v2 its easybto work with imo there are no cons

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Good review @WhiteRaven

I have been using the Cotton Bacon V2 ever since it was first introduced.

Before that it was a toss up between Cotton Bacon V1 and KGD. To me they both had a funny taste on the first few puffs but that went away quickly

The Cotton Bacon V2 is by far my favorite of them all and has super clean flavor from the first puff. .

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Try to get your hands on some Kendo gold. I haven’t touch my cotton bacon since I started using Kendo


really ??? wow that unbelievable to think there is something better the same ya but better wow ill have to try it

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I’m pretty sure it was @Whiterose0818 and a few others that recommended it on another thread quite a while back. They all swore by Kendo and I do too. It takes a bit of getting used to compared to other cottons as you don’t need to use as much of it. It also handles higher temperatures better and lasts longer. I’ve not experienced any break in with it either.


If you do buy some get the gold edition.