[Review] Vaporesso Target PM80 Pod Mod Kit

Vaporesso Target PM80 KIT REVIEW

I’m reviewing the Vaporesso Target PM80 today. This product was sent to me directly from Vaporesso for the purpose of this review. It will not effect my opinion in any way. Please forgive me if this is formatted wrong. I’ll fix it in editing.

Vaporesso has been making pods for a long time. They have several and even though this one uses pods, it’s an AIO or “Pod Mod”. This kit was made pretty much for direct lung vaping. The mod is tiny but can go up to 80W. It’s powered by a version of their popular Axon chips. It has a built-in a 2000 mAh battery. They give you 2 (Re-refillable) pods and 2 coils, which is really nice. I’ll go over everything below and give my impressions. Please forgive me if I formatted anything wrong. I’ll see if I can make it easier to read.

The Mod-

It’s sort of Aegis Boost-esque. It has the screen section, a metal frame, and a padded sticker section on the back side. However, the Target PM80 is smaller and more powerful in terms of the wattage it can deliver. It fires quickly and has a nice bright screen display.

Side by side vs Aegis Boost pic 1.

Side by side vs Aegis Boost pic 2.

Its the industry standard of 5 clicks on and off. 3 clicks locks any adjustments but it can still fire. Then 3 clicks again to unlock it. Holding the plus/minus buttons allows you to go into the menu. It lets you choose from VW, VV, Smart VW, Puff Counter, Screen Color.

  • Variable Wattage is from 5W up to 80W. It allows you to adjust in .5W increments. Adjusting the wattage is easy and goes very fast when the up or down button is held.

  • Variable Voltage goes from 0V up to 4V. Adjustments in this setting go up in .1V increments. For instance, I like using the .3Ω coil at 3.2V .

  • Smart Wattage is the mod reading the resistance of the coil, and then going to what it thinks is the best wattage.

  • Puff Counter records the amount of puffs you take in a 7 day period. It has days 1 through 7 and how many puufs you’ve taken each day. I think that’s pretty neat. You can obviously reset the puff counter in this setting.

  • Theme setting allows you to change some of the colors on the screen display. There’s Green, Blue, and Pink. The things displayed in color are the Battery Indicator, a sort of wavy seperator thing in the center of the screen, your number of Puffs, and the Puff Timer. So the whole screen doesn’t change color but some of the key things do.

There’s also a “Default” option that resets your device to the default settings I’m assuming.

The Pods-

Vaporesso gives you 2 (re-fillable) pods out of the box. They hold 4MLs of liquid. They also decided to make the CLEAR! Yes!! My Aegis Boost Pods are black making it hard to see the liquid. The Target PM80’s pods let you take a nice look into the liquid chamber. I love that feature to these pods. You can see inside the pod clearly. They’re held in place by some pretty strong magnets. You can feel them pull the pods downward when putting them in place.

The fill gasket is on the bottom of the pod. It has a nice beefy silicone gasket plug that swivels out of the way. The fill hole is nice and large. I had no problem filling my pods with a 100ML Chubby Gorila bottle. The plug stays nice and secure when put back into place.

The drip tip on the pods is fixed. You can’t use your own 510 drip tips or anything like that. The good thing is, the built in drip tip is about perfect IMO. The circular shape, size, and bore are just right for this device. It’s about the size of a 510 drip tip. It’s narrowest point is on top and it slightly bevels wider towards the bottom.

The Coils-

The coils are of the “Plug and Play” variety. They slide in and out without the use of any tools. You can change the coil with liquid in it if you had to. You just hold the pod with the drip tip facing sideways (the coil side has to be on top obviously). I’ve never needed or wanted to do this. But to some it’s important I guess.

  • GTX .2Ω Mesh Coil (45-60W)

This coil is the higher wattage one of the two. It also has just a bit more open draw. The mesh coil inside has a slightly wider inner diameter. Most of the time the coil was read right on the nuts (.2Ω) by the PM80 mod. I mostly used this coil at 55W. I took long drags no problem, and the flavor was very good. I was impressed that this small of a device could deliver a vape like it does. It hits like a regular mod and subohm tank. I found myself filling often because this coil goes through the liquid quickly.

  • GTX .3Ω Mesh Coil (32-45W)

This is my favorite coil of the two. It performs similarly but doesn’t drain the tank or battery as fast. I used this one mainly at 40W. The Smart VW reccomends it best at 40, and I agree. I like to take long pulls (3.3-3.8 seconds), and these coils haven’t even hinted at dry hitting. These are very good coils.

I tried to get a photo that showcases the type of mesh used in these coils.

Top view to show the coil diameter side by side.

Over the years I’ve noticed that Vaporesso does a great job at making coils. I’m especially a fan of their EUC, Cascade GTM, and their GT series coils. They’re just fantastically constructed. I’ve never had a dud or problem with any of their coils I’ve used. They’ve been one of the top companies that manufacture coil heads for many years IMO.

Another thing of note is a discovery I saw /u/JaiHaze make. In his video for the Target PM80 he shows that Voopoo Vinci Coils can go in these pods. So its Voopie coil compatible apparently. I’ve never used a Vinci so I would’ve never known that.


The airflow is built into each side of the mod. There’s three holes per side. They give you two sets of plugs for each side. You can either plug one whole side or cut them into pieces to plug the holes you want. It isn’t ideal but it works I guess.

I just ran the .2Ω coil wide open. But with the .3Ω coil I plugged two holes on one side. Plugging one whole side was okay but I wanted a bit more airflow. I also wanted airflow from two sides. I don’t know why but I dislike when airflow comes from only one side. It might be just psychological but I can’t get into things like the Blitz Hermetic or Eleaf Coral 2.

Battery and charging-

The battery is listed at 2000mah. I have no idea how accurate that is. They say it charges at a 2A rate. When plugged in it shows the percentage and an approximate time it will take to get full. Pretty neat again… The battery indicator is on top of the screen display. It has a colored bar but also a percentage number. Right now mine is at 47%. It seems to last a good while. I never got into a routine of charging it every night. I’d charge it before leaving home or whenever needed.


  • Display: 0.96-inch TFT Screen

  • Battery: Built-in 2000 mAh

  • Power output: 5-80 watts

  • Charging current: 2-amp micro USB

  • Cartridge capacity: 4 mL / 2 mL (TPD)


  • GTX 0.2-ohm mesh (45-60W)

  • GTX 0.3-ohm mesh (32-45W)


Here’s a photo of my package contents.Everything in the box is packaged nicely . Vaporesso always does a great job at presentation and packaging.

  • 1 x VAPORESSO TARGET PM80 Battery


  • 1 x GTX 0.2Ω MESH COIL

  • 1 x GTX 0.3Ω MESH COIL

  • 1 x USB Cable

  • 1 x User Manual

  • 1 x Warranty Card

  • 1 x Reminder Card


  • Nice color screen.

  • Axon chip is great and it fires fast.

  • The coils are great.

  • 4ML Capacity.

  • No leaking for me at all.

  • 2000mah battery.

  • Vinci coil compatible.

  • Clear Pods!

  • Comfortable to Hold.

  • I’ve been told that there’s a RBA coming soon!


  • The .3Ω coil seems to drain liquid pretty fast.

  • The plug airflow control is a little janky.

  • No USB-C? I don’t care about this one as much as others. I’m fine with Mico USB whatever…

  • This issue was my biggest con… The way the airflow is set up, I could taste “new plastic” right out of the box. I might be unique about this though. Nobody else mentioned it so I think this is a personal problem. I think I’m sensitive to tasting the flavor or new devices. My Basium when it was new gave me all sorts of trouble. I could smell the electronics board distinctly. That plasticy type smell mixed with whatever flavor I’d try and tainted it. My Novo pod system? Forget about it… But once the product gets a chance to air out I’m usually good. I’m not sure if there’s anybody else out there like me.


I really like this little device. It’s super small but can hit hard. It’s perfect for stuffing in a pocket when leaving home. It’s very light weight and I barely even notice it.

I’ve been told RBA is in the works for this. It should e released soon. The coils though are very good. I ran 60ML through one and about 45ML through the other. I noticed no drop in flavor and will still use them.

I’m not used to something this little that performs as it does… It’s “stealth” size but chucks decent clouds lol. I guess that’s what you get at 40-55W though. It’s just a super mini version of a mod/tank combo. I dunno, I think I’m done. I enjoy using it and hope I’ve expressed myself clearly (and didn’t mess up the formatting). If you have any questions feel free to ask. This product has been out for a few months now so I’m sure some of you already have it. If you have anything to add that’d be great. Thanks for reading if you made it through.


Great review @INOIROC. I share your disappointment over the RBA. Very nicely written, and done mate.


Whoops, I was supposed to edit that out. There IS a RBA coming soon I’ve been told. I’ll get rid of that part, thanks!


Great review, thanks @INOIROC


Vinci rba head should fit. Good read, thanks.


Thanx for the review. I now have a different perspective on these pod mods which, up until now, I have totally ignored.


Great insight for me who’s never tried a pod mod, thanks.
Been tempted a few times but the major con of a built in battery mod is that once it’s dead, it’s landfill. Perhaps an 18650 version…


Nicely done sir and thanks for the review. Looks like reviews are really slowing down so it’s good to see.


Dead, as in not capable of holding a charge…right?


Exactly that


That’s the nature of any AIO. I’m not the hugest fan of built in battery mods, but I’ve had them before this. None have given me any trouble luckily. Most are of the starter tube variety. Smok’s Stick series and stuff like that. But I also have an Aegis Boost which is like this one. I like the size they are. Once they’re the size of being able to house an 18650, I’d rather just have a regular Pico styled mod.