Revisiting Cherry / Cherries!

I realize this HAS been discussed before, as I have just searched and read most of the older posts on the subject, but after reading more than a few, it left me rather confused. If you are TIRED of the whole, “Wow, who makes a cherry that doesn’t suck” conversation, please feel free to disregard this.

I did see mention of a few GREAT flavors, BUT, they have been discontinued due to oils or nasty nasties in them I believe ?? I’m trying to gather more recent info, as a friend tasked me into trying to make a Capri Sun Cherry like vape. Well I’ve had about the WORST luck with cherries, so hence my post.

Here’s what I currently have (I think I’m going to TOSS TPA’s Mara Cherry, I’m sure it’s poison)…

I think I am going to add INW Cherry, and FW Cherry Crush as I seem to recall seeing better rather than worse reviews on them. Despite HAVING more than a few, haven’t had great luck (didn’t take very good notes either duh) so far.

Figured I’d post a newer post, as in some of the older posts, I saw members mentioning they were going to test/try and post back, but I could not find those responses. Anyone game ??


Im working o. a spumoni ice cream , which is Pistachio , Cherry and Chocolate right now i have the Pistachio at like 6 or 7 pct , Cherries INW at 1.5 and MF dark chocolate at .40 and the cherry is tasting very nice it probably the only thing i wont tweak im very happy so far with the Cherry aspect


Thank you @fidalgo_vapes. Although I HAVE Cherries, I can’t find any notes on it, so I will probably have to do some SF tests on my load (and on order) cherries, except of course, the DEVIL (aka TPA Mara Cherry) which I’ve JUST been informed by my local county representative, needs to be disposed of using a “approved” method. Apparently I can’t just take the bottle out back, shoot it, bury it, or light it on fire like I had originally planned.


Cherries to me is pretty strong it is definitely one if not the best cherry flavours out there. I use it with a small amount of cherry filling flv (.7 cherries .2 cherry filling) It is good but still needs a little something something it is a fairly dry vape so I am still working on it.


I have been using vta cherry it is quite nice below 2% and i back it up with a raspberry lower enough to not tast it but enough to fill it out.


Wip cherry and coconut is good but i want a better chocolate and saving up for some mf dark chocolate


I wish I could help. In my early days I had this dream of cherry fa and cream whipped fa vape on my first order ever. 60mls of cherry fa ordered and 2mls tested. Nothing but cough syrup. Lol. I should go back and try in now that I know more.

I think cherry fa mixes was the highest ammmount of single batches dumped as unvape’able.


@woftam Thank you, that is actually a very good idea. @Benoz I have zero VTA flavors at the moment, but that could change quickly. @Chrispdx I think I had that EXACT same reaction, but towards many of the cherries. Maybe mixing too high, not sure, and kinda shelved the whole thing until my friend asked to make a cherry vape.


I don’t understand the overwhelming hatred for TFA maraschino cherry. It tastes exactly like real maraschino cherry juice from the jar. Its’ only fault is, it is incredibly strong. Wife really likes it at .3% with french vanilla. FW wild cherry is also decent, like cherry sours to me sort of.


thats .3% supported, a lot of peps dont undertand that concept and pass it off as shit


Yeah, super low % for sure. I know I was pretty new at DIY when I first used it, and did it at 10%! About grew a second tongue when I vaped that. So I guess I do understand how it can put people off.


Very probable. I can’t remember where I tested it at, but it’s shocking to see how high of a percentage some people were vaping it at. The minority seemed to get it, and dropped below 1%.

Percentages in recipes
Average mixing quantity: 2.8% (Median: 2%)
Minimum used quantity: 0%
Maximum used quantity: 100%

Single flavor recommendations: 32
Average quantity: 3.4% (Median: 2.0%)
Minimum used quantity: 0.1%
Maximum used quantity: 15.0%


Just spitballing here, as I’ve been playing around with getting some “juicier” notes with some of my mixes, and while Dragonfruit(TPA) and Cactus(INW) are always a go-to for certain flavors, recently I’ve been toying with Mango(FLV) at about 0.5 to 0.7% in a Pineapple Peach smoothie. It’s currently steeping on the shelf, but since IRL cherries have that sweet/tart juicy wonderfulness, perhaps a little touch of Mango would help?

Or if I’m way out in left field, holler and I’ll stop chasing butterflies. Cheers!


@paingawd Let’s chase the butterflies together !!!


They are all good solutions I am just a bit time poor at the moment and haven’t gotten to any of them.


I’ve the exact opposite-Time surplus, but my hands are being jerks at the moment(Sometimes they jerk, so whatever I’m holding goes airborne…)


I’ve been working on a black cherry flavour for a while, again for a friend, and like you I’ve read all the old posts on here about cherry concentrates and recipes. I’ve paused for now as I’m rather liking what I’ve put together so far. I might be tweaking it when I get my friend’s feedback on it.
Happy to share my recipe here (it’s private atm) in case it helps you. If this link doesn’t work, perhaps someone could educate me on posting recipes.

NB the Black Cherry FA (Cheryl) may not be accurate as the bottle says Amarena on it. The black cherry sweet BJ is from a UK company called Big Juice.


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@Jellybean Recipe marked private.

I’ve created a url for private sharing but I can’t copy the damn thing on my iPad, the highlighted selection jumps around every time I touch it!
I’ll have to crank up the computer…

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