RF pink burst

Does anyone know what is the closest representation to the classic real flavors “pink candy, burst type”? It’s no longer available, and one of the liquids I used to buy alot surely used it.


The only other similar concentrate that I can think of is this one…


The company at the link below bought the recipes from real flavors.

Might want to reach out to them and ask if this flavor will be available in the future.

Aside from that I did see the VG version at one site via a Google search and a couple other possible options.


It amazes me how willing, and quickly too, some of the people here are to help out a fellow mixer. Thank you for that. #Humbled


River supply sells a flavor pack eliquid-strawberry-salts-pack for a recipe that calls for “Real Flavors Pink Candy Burst”.

They are now subbing Strawberry Taffy (Cap) in place of it.

I don’t have Strawberry Taffy (Cap) so I don’t know how it compares side-by-side to Pink Candy Burst Type (SC) (Real Flavots) .


I found that this canadian company (diy juice.com) does have several of the old Rf flavors in stock. Thanks to @mjag mjag! I’m placing an order today.


Great to hear :+1:

Please let us know how it goes, I am planning on ordering some in the future from them when I catch up on organizing my current stash.

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