Rhodonite not in my list of what I can make

I thought I had all the vendor names correct. What did I do wrong? Only asking because now I’m curious what other recipes I’ve been missing. I looked at some other posts but I can’t figure it out. Sorry for the noobness

Not sure but I have run into that problem due to using the wrong abbreviations for the manufacturers.That is why I have gone back and checked some of mine to show it both ways , for instance Strawberry Milkshake (Real Flavors) . Some type it Strawberry Milkshake (RealFlavors) and it can also be Strawberry Milkshake (NWT) Strawberry Milkshake (Northwest).All four are the same.
I would check and see if one or more of the ingredients or Manufacturers are labeled differently.

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Next to where it shows the cost to make it, there should be a question mark icon. Click it and it will highlight the missing flavor(s).


Hope you like it as much as I do. Make sure to add "1 drop of MTS Wizard per 15ml " one batch I lost count and didn’t add enough… made a huge difference IMO.

EnyawReklaw uses 5% AP rather than the usual 10%, maybe that’s it?

It is very good and gets better with age. I have some from mid January left and it’s prime.

thanks, i went back and double checked and although i had all the flavors, I didnt have all the variations of the names. I fixed a few and it came up. Soooo Im not sure which AP I have. if it’s 10% then I’ll need to modify the recipe I assume?

What is the best way to deal with these “same” ingredients with different names? As a newbie here I rely on “What Can I Make” is is not all that accurate due to this issue. Do people add all the variations to their stash? And/Or let @daath know so the different names can be unified?

I’ve generally tried to figure out the most commonly used name, and order what seems to be correct. But all these variations confuse the dickens out of us newbies. I just found out today that “Circus Cotton Candy” is not “Cotton Candy” - I recently mixed 3 or 4 bottles thinking that the “Circus” was a random variation, so I used Cotton Candy even though the recipe wanted the Circus variation.

Any tips or tricks in this regard is appreciated.

The best way would be to just add the flavor with the most recipes. Eventually the dupes will be merged into one correct one… I know it’s a pain in the ass, but this is what we have for now :wink:


OK thanks daath!

I’m DEFINITELY not complaining. This site has so many features that merge seamlessly. I’ve been mixing other people’s recipes so far with great success. Haven’t bought a commercial juice in months. So if it’s something that gets fixed, cool. If not, I’m happy anyway. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:
Feel free to delete this thread.

I generally go to ELR click resources the Flavour List search for example Black Cherry then sort by rating.

Then simply pick the one with the most recipes.

If there are too many to search through just add FA or TPA for examples to the end of your search term, search again, sort by rating and again pick the one with the most recipes.

In vary rare cases some flavours in search did not come up for me @daath like…

*Dulche de leche TFA
*Anice FA

If that’s the case just go to a recipe you know they are in, click the flavour and add it to your stash, I have 165 at the moment (needs an update just noticed some are there twice and I also need to add some, but if I click what can I make, I get 8801 recipes)

Hope that helps @Fullkontact

Just a misspelling :slight_smile:

Just a misspelling. It’s Anise (FA) :slight_smile:

Pro tip: If I want to search for Dulce de Leche (TPA) you can just search for: dul lec


Ok cool thanks @daath Lars

Probably vaped too much, or something else :blush:


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