Rice pudding recipe

Hi everyone, iv recently tried a juice called dripping deserts rice pudding and raspberry jam and it’s really peaked my interest in rice pudding type juice but iv no idea where to start on a recipe for rice pudding, iv looked around for recipes for rice pudding but I can’t see any that have anything in common to get the rice pudding taste so would really appreciate any advice on where to start for a rice pudding recipe.


FE Sweet Rice , Flv Starch base , FLV horchata, VTA Rice Base , OOO Rice Pudding , Hiliq Rice

Above are things that come to mind for the rice base

Below are vanilla pudding inwiuld consider

Flv Vanilla Pudding or Chemnovatic

You gonna need another cream for the pudding maybe cinnamon like Cap Silverline cinnamon sugar of rich Cinnamon FLV


Iv noticed the horchata pops up a few times in rice pudding recipes, I’m not sure if I would like cinnamon because I don’t like the taste of cinnamon in food, wonder what cream would work in this mix.


Vanilla Swirl , something like FLV Cream …You can go with a buttery custaed like premium or DV creme anglise


Iv got tfa vanilla swirl but always struggled to get any flavour from it mind iv only used it at low % like 2%, is the flavhora cream a good cream as iv looked at it before and never pulled the trigger on it.


I always lightly sprinkle nutmeg on rice pudding irl. FLV eggnog used low is useful if that’s what your after.


TOC’S Rice Pudding : https://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/3520100/TOC’S%20Rice%20Pudding

0.60% Eggnog (Flavorah)
3.00% Sweet Rice (FE)
1.74% Vanilla Pudding (Flavorah)

Flavor total: 5.34%
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