Ring Lord RDA

Check this thing out. It has got to be the weirdest piece of hardware I have ever witnessed. The top pic should take you to 3fvape to see the details. They say it has a “tornado” style AirFlow.

This one will take you there


looks like a nightmare to build

and it’s 27mm …


Yeah I’ve seen this, dont quite understand the concept, im happy with 27mm but the best way to get flavour out of anything is a direct uninterrupted line of air for under the coil to your mouth…watching with interest :thinking:



Weakest design link …thin glass in bottom slots of the air flow holes in glass cap …yeah doomed to break. Look at exploded view pix shown as “Components”


The 2pc arch over the coil is removable it appears, so building wouldn’t be much difference than most decks. But I agree with @BoDarc The glass thin or not is the weak spot,Borosilicate it strong and resistant but still glass, heat wont be an issue for cracking usually, but impact would be for sure.


Doesn’t look so bad…


Sure does to me. Last few months every manufacturer seems to be trying to solve non existing problems.

Here we have a prime example. with the ring thingie on the airflow comes down to the coil, and then it does a 180 degree turn to come up out of the ‘driptip’ (which is curiously not there to begin with since it’s molded into the glass)

If you remove the ring. the airflow goes nowhere and is concentrated somewhere above the coil. I don’t see how can this rda have any semblance of good flavor.

Also, it’s a 27mm single coil RDA. why that big for a single coil?


I actually like the idea of this type of airflow. It does provide a cap over the middle, so should stop any spit back.
Also cooling is centered very close to the center part of the coil that gets hottest. Nifty design if you ask me… but before jumping on the train, I’d love to see a review to see how it actually performs. You can’t jump to conclusions from an assumption :slight_smile:

Why make everything so tiny? I hate it when an rda is so frickin small lol
I agree that bigger chambers reduce the amount of flavor (just look at the story of the Njord) but, again, wait and see what the reviewers verdict is. This RDA doesn’t have the same massive airflow of the Njord either.


I bet the actual deck is 25 mm and they are using 1mm wall glass. the large coil area would be useful for 4mm builds, but the only advantage the “ring” seems to me would be turbulence and maybe cut spit back. Looks like a big recurve to me with a halo. I’ll pass on the gimmick


That’s one of the funkier designs I’ve seen.

I can’t picture how to build on it, other than a vertical build. Because if you try horizontal, the tails look like they’d choke back on themselves (assuming the divot in the center is supposed to be the liquid source). Not to mention the location of the air ports…

Odd man. Very very odd.

It’ll be interesting to watch/learn more about the design!


shit i never even noticed that, that bottom rim isn’t gonna last 5 minutes, ive had a few glass cap RDA"s…I emphasise the word ‘had’ :roll_eyes:


…if only there was someone who could do a review on this :smirk:

It is an interesting take on eliminating spitback


I concur Dr. The glass needs to be thick (and looks thick)…also notice there’s no bottom O-ring for the cap …also likely purposeful (No prying to get it off)


Well… The light just came on, and I feel stupid. :crazy_face:

The single coil has to go horizontally under the arch.

I was locked on dual coils earlier (for whatever reason)


LOL, whaaaaa ???

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There doesnt have to be a problem to try to improve on things. You might see it as companies trying to fix non-existing problems, but innovations doesnt just come out of the blue. A lot of improvements on attys has happened throughout time and specially the last year, and those was made even though there wasnt any problems with what we had 2 years ago.

Even if this might not be for you, you should embrace the fact that some companies are willing to try new things, instead of just doing what works and what everyone else does.


Look like they going for patent-ability, doesn’t mean it’s better. Just that they can “own it” and others can’t make it unless they buy in - Rights.

The patent laws usually require that, for an invention to be patentable, it must be:

Patentable subject matter, i.e., a kind of subject-matter eligible for patent protection.

Novel (i.e. at least some aspect of it must be new)

Non-obvious (in United States patent law) or involve an inventive step (in European patent law)


Not sure if your comment is supposed to be a reply to me or not?


There is innovation, and there is fixing non existent problems.

What i’m trying to say is that some things make sense (to me at least) and some things don’t. This RDA falls into ‘this don’t make no sense to me’ category :slight_smile: