Rio tropical drink

i found this mix on youtube on a channel (vape it with les) and i decided to try it! it was awesome my daily vape for months now and im starting to run dry so im going to try the propaganda illuminati clone. but i thought i would share this recipe for others to try because it deserves a taste!

apricot (CAP) 2%
juicy orange (CAP) 2.5%
passion fruit (CAP) 2.5%
sweet guava (CAP) 2%
sweet mango (CAP) 2.5%
sweet tangerine (CAP) 2%
yellow peach (CAP) 2%
sweet cream (CAP) 1%


Does sound interesting but I’m missing a bunch of those CAP flavs but have other brands. Might mix something up close plus just got my RF (SC) Tropical Punch that I have steeping.

No insult intended or anything but I find that mixes that are done with only one brand of flavors tend to be lacking something. The addition of other brands brings a little variety to the mix.


No insult taken, I didn’t create this recipie I just followed it and I enjoyed it, I would defenately make it again. And just thought I would post it up for others to try and enjoy


Holy Capella, Batman!


yellow peach (CAP) 2% Use Purilum White peach ins ead, but I’d go to 1.75%

sweet mango (CAP) 2.5% Use Purilum Mango, there again I’d lower the percentage a little

You’d be amazed at the difference incorporating the same flavor from a different company can make to a vape.


will certainly have to try that. my concentrate game is weak at the moment though. i need to buy a few a month and buy bigger amounts. i only buy 10ml at the moment just in case i don’t like the flavour. i am more inclined to make more juice now since 10ml is the max eliquid size you can now buy in the uk CRAZY!!

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