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River Supply Co. - Updates & More!

Good morning guys and gals! We have adjusted all TFA flavor extract prices. We are also implementing a 2 - 3 person customer service team in the next week to service all questions, concerns or a potential mistake. Thank you everyone and have a great weekend!


Nonna Cake and Sour Wizard are on hand and moving fast! Two great additions for FA to create!

Ordered… you’re going to make a killing on this!

btw, I grabbed the Sour Wizard also… sounds interesting.

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My absolute go to for anything and everything I can get there. The people are the best, the prices are great, the service even better.


I appreciate that my friend!

Have a great Friday/weekend!

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Got my first shipment last week, thanks for the bonus 50 mls of Strawberry Ripe. Will order more from you guys. Loving the Cake (Yellow) also.


I’ll bet @River_Supply_Co will have a sale going on shortly… I just finished placing an order and it seems I’m always about a day or so off from specials when I do order things online. When I seen this post come up I held my breath to see what I missed out on lol.




Hey Tut I can tell you when they will have their sales. Every time I run out of money. lol. Just message me and I’ll let you know if I’m out then you can start watching for a sale. In fact when they have a sale you might want to consider sending me your change I might need it. :ox::rice_cracker: Well that’s about as close as I can get to BS with the smileys. lmao

And of course you know I’m kidding I actually stopped by the vendors forum to rant and rave about how great the customer service at NR is. Everybody I deal with seems to be the absolute best. I’ll bet it’s hell trying to pick and employee of he month there, they all seem so good.
I was just dealing with Gracie, and told her to tell Grant she deserves a raise. lol


@CallMeTut Please message me when you order some stuff so I can wait two more weeks to order mine :wink: …everybody else can wait another week after I order because that’s when it’s 20% off and free shipping too

What I need to do is send you half my vape budget, order something with the other half, just knowing when I do a sale will start up within a day, then you can order the other things I wanted with the funds I sent to you … :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just a quick update - the ELR discount code is now DIY and it will change every 45 - 60 days. The goal is for this code to stay within ELR. I know it spreads regardless but it was made to help this group specifically :slight_smile:


Very smart, and thoughtful, Brother.

Thanks Grant, I was just coming here to ask why ELR wasn’t working.

Hi all, this is my first post, but I need to say something. I’ve been DIYing a little over 5 months now and 90% of my supplies have came from Nicotine River. Recently I had a very minor issue ( they sent me a slip tip syringe instead of the ordered luer lock, twice). I called to ask if they would correct the problem and just add it to my order I just placed. My orders are small, but that doesn’t matter to Grant ! He called me personally, apologized and went WAY BEYOND making it right. Being on the other side of the country from NR I’ve never met these folks, but Grant and his staff deserve all of the business we can send them ! They are truly an outstanding company.


Keep this up an I’m gonna adopt you.


Sure go for it, there might be a small amount left of each when I send it on to you er um I mean there might be a little bit gone when I send it to you. Processing fees you know. lmao

You can be an adopted god parent, as I have already filed the papers to adopt the whole crew. lol

And yet again I have to say just how great these people at NR are and how much I appreciate all they do for us and for me.


Thank you very very very much for the kind words my friend!

You are very very welcome!