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Rock Bottom Vapes


Has anyone used this site ??? Im in the market to snag a couple Smoant Cylons for my vapocalypse bin … These are gettimg harder to get . If anyone has another route besides China please let me know Rockbotromvapes has them for 50 which isnt bad


You get outta my browser!!!

shakes fist

(But do let me know if you hear anything! lol)


I jad a feeling you would reply … Have you found a better deal ??? State side


Not really. One other was close.
I typically use Vape.deals to find things if it’s not an advertised sale, or something shared here.


Check that.

I meant to say vape.crawler
When it’s a targeted search.

But the other one is good for general shopping purposes. Lol


this is the cheapest i have seen it in the states lately… https://www.ozonesmoke.com/smoant-cylon-218w-tc-box-mod.html

but if your interested in china…u can get for 38.00 if interested PM me an i will tell u how…


I’ve used them a couple times, if you aren’t set on the cylon Element vapes has the Ranker for for 40. I use them all the time and the Ranker is a killer mod.


I had a ranker and believe it had same chip as cylon , i just didnt like the feel of it , the cylon , charon 218 tc , and the battlestar are my faves from smoant


Normal site


I used them quite a bit back in the day…no issues whatsoever. They’re a legit site.