Rose Candy (TPA)

Does anyone remember this flavor? I remember opening the bottle and getting the great scent of red roses and it did the same thing to a mix I put it with. I get sweeteness with it, but not much else honestly but it’s the scent that makes this fun to play with. If you like giving off the aroma of roses while you vape, you might enjoy this.

Strawberry Ripe/Red Touch Strawberry VBIC a dash of Rose Candy and a touch of sweetness … pretty interesting e-liquid


I’ve kind of wondered what that flavor was all about. I occasionally frequent biker-type bars where vaping (and other activities) is no big deal, but I’m not sure what the reactions would be if I showed up smelling like roses. :flushed:


I get that Rose vibe from Naked100 Green Blast. My local store friend says he gets that from most of their line when I mentioned it. Have to go light with it or else it can get real nasty


I got Rose Candy (TPA) to go with Rose Essence (FLV). I found a recipe by RudeRudi called Delightfully Turkish where he uses this combination. I find Rose Essence (Flavorah) real tricky to work with as it’s too subtle for my senses, but with Rose Candy TPA (used low) it seems to work it’s magic.


Bulgarian Rose MF is very good, if anyone is interested. 0.5% and below.
One of my wife’s favorites, As an example: