Rounding off flavours

Hello. Once again i request your wisdom. I would like to know how to round the flavours and make them fill my mouth with juicyness just like some of the premium juices. Ive made some mildly tasty juices but the flavours are quite flat and can leave almost like a powdery sensation in my mouth. Ive been home brewing for a few months now so any help would be appreciated thanks.

Red…I’m not good a linking back to posts. But your spot on! If you type mouth or juicy in the search bar it brings up tons of results.

For a short tidbit I’ll use, depending on the mix, coconut FA, cactus inw, marshmallow FA, and the list goes on.


Red what VG/PG ratio are you vaping? What nic level do you vape at?, what kind of flavors do you vape ie fruity, bakery, or creamy? And lastly what average percentage of flavoring are you using?

Next for fruity stuff I almost always add a very small of TPA Sour to my mix it helps make the fruits pop.


Prepare yourself for a little “light” reading…

Quick and dirty - creams and marshmallow will give you a “fuller” taste; cactus, fuji, and some others will make it wetter; smooth, MTS Vape Wizard, etc. will round off sharp edges (and maybe mute other things); Pyure, citric acid (lemon juice), malic acid, etc. will make fruit flavors pop.


Im mixing fruity flavours at about 15% on avarge. Ive never gone over 20% i mix at 70/30 VG/PG. 3% nic which is suspended in VG. Im also thinking that the vg and pg im using may be different from different manufactures. Is this right?

Also i really dont like desserts and creams pies or cake etc. Its really not for me. I only like sweet fruity flavours when it comes to vaping. I also dont like marshmallow as it has a vanillary taste. Vanilla is the worst taste for me. It makes feel physically sick.

It’s possible that the missing link is copious amounts of sweetener…just my 0.02 :grin:


i believe this to be very true , i dint think people realize how much sweetner is depended on with vendor juice and to be honesnt if a mix turns out ok for me but im not a fan i add some super sweet to it and sell it to others or trade it for vape related things once the super sweet is added the other flaves are enhanced and your everyday vapers that depend on vendor juice love it


I am finding that nearly almost everything just like in cooking can benefit from a small amount of acid. Personally I’ve been adding it after steeping time as steeping works better the more alkali the mix is.

I weigh the bottle of mix after steeping (deduct the weight of empty bottle) and Start at 1% for most mixes and about 1.5% for more fruit based.

Are you using the calculator on the recipe to do your recipes? That way I know for sure you are including the PG in your flavors. Different manufacturer is not a problem, as a lot of dealer have one for PG and one for VG

Very true, and BTW the sour works wonders to make beverages pop as well and I don’t mean beverage flavored vapes.

I didn’t either, but then I made a rice crispy treat juice and it’s not your everyday thing. When I make them in real life they are really gooey and have layers of flavors that are so good well I was attempting to duplicate mine. I did a pretty good job of it and now I love the stuff. I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t avoid tasting a bakery mix that someone offers you give it a try you may find something you like. We all have our Kryptonite mine is cheesecake with graham crust. I love it in real life but every vape I’ve tried leaves a wet straw taste in my mouth. I’ve tried several brands and the only one that comes out a winner is NR cheesecake

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ditto this. When I started vaping I thought there was no way I would ever like a non-tobacco vape. Then I got into RY4 and RY2k and eventually started vaping bakery flavors with no tobacco in them. Then I thought I would never like a fruity vape and the same thing happened: started with fruity deserts and now I like straight fruit vapes I have been testing like banana, apple and strawberry without any added bakery notes.

Try Melon, Grapefruit, and apple together. its an odd mixture but WOW can it ever be fantastic

I use a calculator on another website that i find easier to use. And yes i am including the pg in my flavours. All my flavours are suspended in pg.

Im not avoiding those kinds of vapes ive had many of the last 18 months and i just dont like them. I had a whole bunch of of desserts and cakes ceeam donuts etc but i just couldnt vape them so i gave them away. The one thing i coupd probably just about vape is custard as long as its not to vanillary. Is vanillary even a word? It is now!!

Like a few others I have given up using the usual sweeteners in favour of a stevia based sweetener with the addition of a drop or 2 of 10% diluted citric acid. Ive found that as well as helping with a harsh / bitter taste it also makes the (fruity) vapes I prefer richer and brighter As a few of the guys have mentioned there are some flavours that "help out" others like dragonfruit with strawberry or pear with banana but unless your one of those who can taste the difference between one drop of strawberry and one drop of strawberry ripe in a Olympic sized swimming pool, research is your best bet BTW Im with you on the bakery vapes - yuck