Royal Mail Issue

Heads up- if anyone has ordered from Nomz recently- if you’re concerned, contact them.


They have been a nightmare over the Christmas/ New Year period: I sent a few packages on 20th December, they were only noted as leaving the UK on 4th and still don’t have a confirmation that they are going through customs.

I bit annoying when they were a birthday gift for yesterday.


I saw that! They had all the strikes. I can imagine that wasn’t fun. Ugh, sorry. I just ordered from Nomz earlier, DHL express for overseas.


I got an order from them a week ago from Royal Mail and it got to me within 10 days to the Chicago area.
No complaints


I did too. I ordered the Thursday before new years. I got it in 8 days. This is a new issue that’s happened. They sent an email and posted it in their Facebook group. I just placed another order today of stuff I needed. Unfortunately DHL was the only option.


Using royal mail the past few months on nomnomz orders was horrible literally took a week to get the packages from because the strikes. Had to use dhl the last two times and got it next day lol. The problem was it never left belfast for 4 days each time with royal mail but now its all back on track for mainland packages royal 48 is 48hrs royal 24 is next day now. My mailman said they where close to a resolution so no new strikes where planned


Thats funny as it took almost that long to get across the channel :rofl::rofl::rofl: