Rts vapes.com

Haven’t seen this company on any of the topics, although I havent read all of them, but this is where I spend my money on flavors. Much cheeper than most I’ve seen.

I just got cap cake batter for half of what they charge…?

I have ordered from them before and all my flavors came in glass vials. That was my only drawback for re-ordering with them.

So r u going to tell where flavors are cheeper or what…

Most of the Americans here order from ECX or BCV, I think - There are loads of shops on the resource page :slightly_smiling: (or if it’s TPA they create a wholesale account on their site)…

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http://www.bullcityvapor.com/ oh… thanks @daath

I just ordered from nicotine river. And I got my cap flavors for like dirt cheap. 150mil of sweet strawberry $12, 150 mil butter cream $12 and so on. A gallon of VG $19 . And they shipped the same day. :heart_eyes:


Nicotine River is top of my list, then ECX and BVC for anything they don’t have.

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Cool, I will check them out. Thanx

Thanx, I’ll check it out