Rulebreaker, quality?

Hi guys! I recently bought a rulebreaker mod. The machining inside is terrible and the grades actually cut a tear in the wrap. It is very narrow and only molicel p42 fits. Anyone have the same mod and can tell me if it is normal?


I’ve got a few of them. 1 in Brass and the other 2 in Copper.
Mine are not shiny but are smooth in the battery compartment and P42’s and 40T’s both fit.
Out of town till Saturday. When I get back I’ll post some pics.


Thanks for the info! I couldn’t fit the 40t(tear in the wrap) same with 30t or the Hohm run. Think i have to sand and polish it, but shouldn’t be necessary with a mod in that price range. :slightly_frowning_face:


Yeah some may have missed honing that one out.
Take it with you to an Auto Parts store and tell them you need a Hone to fit in a drill so you can hone it smooth.
You need to take the 510 plate off the mod before you do that and also use a little oil on the hone when smoothing it up. They look like this. Get the size that fits a little snug