Rum and cola

Hi all… I’m a bit of a rum lover and finding it hard to find a recipe for a good rum and cola mix…
I already have Jamaica rum ( fa) and cola (tfa)…
Tried a few different mixes using just them two flavours but just get it to pop.
Any help would be great… ( only been mixing for a few months so I’m still very green.).
Stay safe. Graeme


I’ll be honest, i need replace my bottle of Jamaican rum fa since I’ve never really gotten a good impression of that flavor and it’s well over three years old.

That being said I would recommend trying out cola fa or cola flv. Both are pretty spot on. Fa does has a bit more spice note compared to flv. But both I am happy with…and typically mix with icecream for cola float vapes.


Cola float sounds nice… u don’t have a link to a recipe by an chance ?


Jamaica Rum and Cola

Ingredient %
Cola (CAP) 6.00
Jamaican Rum (INAWERA) 4.00
Lime (CAP) 1.00

Flavor total: 11%

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Rum and coke

Ingredient %
Cola (USA Pleasure) (FA) 3.00
Jamaican Rum (TPA) 4.00

Flavor total: 7%

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Captain Morgan and a fizzy coke V2

Ingredient %
Fizzy Cola (Molinberry) 7.80
Jamaican Rum (TPA) 5.90
Lemon Sicily (Limone Sicilia) (FA) 1.50

Flavor total: 15.2%

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My recommendation, if you’re just wanting to make what you’ve got already to pop, would be to add 1% of a lemon or lime flavor …

Old Fashion Rootbeer Float

Ingredient %
Cream (LB) 3.00
Root Beer (LB) 2.00
Sweetener (LB) 1.00
Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) 6.00

Flavor total: 12%

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Try this :point_up: and substitute your cola for the rootbeer, maybe?

FYI: NONE OF THESE ARE MY RECIPES!! I only shared what I found in a quick search through the ELR recipe side.


For me, to get a rum & coke vape to taste similar to the one I like to drink, I need more alcohol flavor than just what the FA Jamaican rum provides. I get it by adding 1.5-2.5% FA Brandy.



Now that sounds interesting. Will add it to the shopping list… cheers


I have been asking for a few years now that Flavorah has a decent rum…
Sad to say they do not. I have found I like Cola FLV between .04% and .06% as it does have a spread to it… it’s the perfect cola… and mixed with citrus soda (.8% max) , gives that cola goodness :slight_smile:


Hi smokyblue… so can still taste the cola at that low of a % ?
The rum and cola I tried to make … I used cola at like 4% and Jamaican rum at 5% ( it was a very plain Vape).


You might have hit a “dead spot” or muted it out at that high, Golly1…

Always, when working with flavor companies like FLV, MF and BF even the SC concentrates… start low and work up. Pushing your flavors can bring about odd things, and really, with the ultras, 4% is just too much. I can not comment on what rum you used… but try flv between my ranges and see what you think. You can always raise a flavor… but cutting it gets complicated :slight_smile:

(this is if you are talking about FLV’s cola… )


Cheers mate I will give it a go…
When I got the tfa cola I did look up the notices on it and a lot of people recommended it at 4% that why I started there.
Its my first recipe I’ve tried from scratch… normally just find recipes on here .

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I was talking about the FLV cola (Flavorah)… not the tfa cola… I cant do a thing with tfa cola.
cola syrup tho used to be a good flavor… but I havent messed with tfa in over 6 yrs now. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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