Runts Candy

I am in the process of making a runts candy mix and need some input.

As soon as I threw TPA Ripe Banana together with INW Two Apples, I got the reminiscent taste of runts candy.

After throwing the missing ingredients such as sweet and tart, strawberry, cherry, etc. I found myself VERY close to a runts flavor profile.

However, there is something very unappealing about the texture/ feeling it gives when I vape it. I cannot figure out whether it is the Ripe Banana or the Two Apples doing it (I have read a lot of people saying INW Two Apples tastes like bug spray) which I can agree with.

I am going very light with the Ripe Banana and have a feeling it is the two apples by INW that is giving the unpleasant vape. However, when I throw FA Fuji in the mix, it is just not the same mix.

Does anyone have something comparable to Two Apples by INW that is less unpleasant to vape? The flavor is good, but it comes off a bit chemically (tasting), or perhaps this is the Ripe Banana?

What does everyone think?

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Caps double apple is good. Tastes like a red and yellow delicious


I agree with @R113.