RX200S with TF RDTA :(

So I just got the new RX200S and a nice n fat 24mm TF RDTA just for this mod. BUT… they’re not playing well together. I can screw the TF on and vape until my hearts content. But as soon as I put it down for a couple of seconds, the next time I pick it up I’ll get an error message. It’ll tell me " No atomizer found" or “Short in atomizer”. I have no problems when it’s on the Stout other than it hangs over the edges.

Any advice to fix this?


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Is it a factory coil, or your build? Bad coil or loose screws? Is the center pin on the tank adjustable? Maybe adjust it a little.


They’re factory coils and I’ve already snugged everything down and made sure the coils were glowing properly before wicking.

When tank screwed into mod will the tank wiggle a little side to side?

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No, it sits flush on the mod with no wiggle

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Good, when you tighten down the tank you fill the 510 compress. Then has to be tank or short in the build I’d think.
What mode you running?

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It’s a Reuleaux RX200S. But I think I need to apologize to @bradslinux. I had checked the 510 pin with my finger nail before and figured it was good enough. Especially with how shallow this pin is. But I just used a screw driver and got another half turn out of it. Now it’s working better and no code yet.

Thanks to both of you for the fast replies!


No worries. The 510 connector on the RX200’s can be kinda picky at what you feed them. It is a different 510 than what is used on the DNA 200 models. I switch between both sometimes and what works on the DNA 200, doesn’t always work on the RX200. Adjusting the center pin has worked for me in the past. Glad you got it sorted out. :slight_smile:


Wismec will not honor the warranty if you have used tanks other than their brands, especially worded was “warranty voided if anyone uses a TFV4 Tank” or any tank other than Wismec or Joyetech/ELeaf. Luckily, my problem was not with the 510 pin but with the board overheating and I was still under the vendor’s 30 day warranty.

Wismec is stating that it is only for use with their tanks and RDAS or the warranty is voided.
These are off of another forum. So if you deal with the manufacturer beware. I couldn’t find the link but somone said they are saying the length of the 510 female threads are not the same on any product they make and using any other atty damages them


Thanks for the advice. I’ll make sure to leave out the part about the Smok atty if I ever have to call them.

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I bought two TC100W’s and two TF-RDTA’s a week or so ago. I already had one TC100w iStick.
One TF-RDTA was fine, the other showed “atomizer short”…on all three TC100W’s…no matter what I do.
it says the same. There is really no adjustment I can see on the atty positive pin, unless you unscrew it to the point where it flops in the wind. I narrowed it down to the S2 deck being the problem, and ordered some more S2 decks [which have not arrived from China yet] because the vendor would not stand good on the DOA tank. I will try a fix when they arrive.
These TF-RDTA’s do have a wiggle [ @Ggrhauling ] but it is between the AFC ring and the juice control…but no problem with that.


I was about to try the TF-RDTA and the G2, but after my issues with the TFV8, I think I’ll pass. Similar to some Smok Mods, they seems to be hit or miss. I like more consistency with a product line. That’s something Smok hasn’t mastered. This leave me dealing with vendors to make this right, when it’s not the vendor’s fault.

Thanks for your comments @ozo.

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The TF-RDTA that is working kicks ass, even with the wire that came in it.
It WAS hard to get the bottom screwed on to stop leaking, and I haven’t unscrewed it yet, but I really expected better quality right from the box. It really is kicking ass [at the moment], but so is an old Kanger Subtank mini with a mother-made clapton in the single-coil RBA(on another TC100W). [not a cosmic @Pro_Vapes coil, but a good one built on this desk here with a Vape3D jig]

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