Ry4 e liquid

Hi guys my wife buying ry4 e liquid from shop in Aberdeen which is 4bottle each 10ml for £10
I want to make this eliquid for her but I haven’t got recipe I will add this liquid photos here hope I get some help
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Here ya go:

Just click the blue wrench and then adapt this recipe
with your own nicotine,
pg/vg preferences

You can change the percentage of flavoring too. This recipe seems to use a LOT
of flavoring. I would try about 6-7% of the Hangsen Ry4 flavoring and AGE it for
at least 2 weeks. Tobaccos need a lot of aging normally…

Good luck!


I think this could be what you’re looking for. I’m not sure if it’s any good though.


@Ferhat, when I was vaping Hangsen juices I got my supplies from Premier E Cigs of Nottingham, they have a website, good hunting.

That where I get mine from, very nice it is too. I mix mine at 9% and steep for at least 3 weeks as my base is all AG

Also FA Ry4 Legend @ 3% with 0.5% Inawera DNB is a decent finished RY4 flavour aswell

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I really like ry4 mixes too. I tried FA nutzilla at 4.5% and it was bloody awful

By itself I don’t like Nutzilla either but I found a use for it. I mix it at a low% with RY4 DBL and Vienna Cream, Vanilla Swirl and Caramel. Needs a 4 week steep before it comes together. I hate to waste a FA flavor I buy. I’m still playing with FA Blackberry but so far I use it mostly in my hot tea drinks lol


I’d really like to try that recipe if you don’t mind. I have all those concentrates.

I highly recommend this:


I highly recommend grubby’s high recommendation

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i used the RY4 frop TPA mixed with black honey from TPA. after steeping 1 week. my diy e liquid become full flavour. but come to 2 week steeping, taste different the tobacco taste is going down. maybe everyone can give me advice.

I’m in London till Monday but I will share all 3 variations that I enjoy when I get back. @DrChud


Thanks very much. RY4 is probably my favorite vape.

@DrChud I’ve posted 2…



Not that spectacular either of them but the Nutsrike is decent enough I guess.

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Never having RY4 what is it, is it a unique flavour. When I googled it, I just found articles on its inventor. The flavours described varied depending what I read. Tobacco and caramel?

How would you guys describe it?

Yeah you hit it on the nose. Caramel, sweet, light tobacco for ry4 double tpa. For ry4 FA it’s much less sweet…the caramel note isn’t sweet. This is my persoanl take.

Thank you for linking those. I don’t have all the concentrates but I’ll give it a go when I do, cheers :smile:

RY4 is my absolute favorite vape. It’s pretty much as @Chrispdx said. I like to use TPA ry4 double. Here’s two excellent recipes I’ve tried.



Ethyl Maltol 4940-11-8 >= 10% and < 50% sweet, burnt cotton sugar candy like, with jammy, strawberry notes

Cyclotene 765-70-8 >=5% and <10% sweet, maple, bready, caramellic with nutty nuances

Propylene Glycol 57-55-6 >= 75% and <= 83% no taste

Vanillin 121-33-5 >= 0.5% and <= 1.5% vanilla, vanillin, sweet, creamy, spicy, phenolic and milky

Water 7732-18-5 1-3%

Wink wink peeps :smile:

Substituting what you have in your stash would work just as well or better mate… The caramel is pretty high in Nutstrike but it develops into a unique mix