Ry4 inawera

I’ve decided to try my tobaccos and I only have 3 and there’s plenty of info on my tpa ry4 double and my tpa dk; but I cannot for the life of me find anything on my Inawera ry4. Does anyone else have this and if so could you give me a little insight please and tyvm! God speed…:slight_smile:

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Closer to FA RY4 than TPA RY4D, this is your standard synthetic RY4 flavoring with the same boring tobacco notes, some caramel and cheap vanilla sweetness. Not bad, nothing to get excited about.

Should you get it? Only if RY4D feels dirty to you, if you don’t want the rich tobacco notes of HS RY4, and you don’t have access to FA RY4 or FA SOHO.

Preferred single flavor mix: 3.0%


I got a bit of Cherry tones from it, but that’s just me. It’s decent, just a bit stronger.