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Sad Day - Judge rules for FDA in Nicopure lawsuit


Have you guys seen this?


Thanks for this article @ecigexpress! Very informative. From what I’ve gathered this may be a rope handed down to E-cigarette users, manufacturers, & retailers to find some sort of common ground. I will be waiting for when the decide to issue their Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.


What is your take on this press announcement? @ecigexpress @Walt_RealFlavors @Nicotine_River


Thanks for the article! Sounds like a big crack down on nicotine is the first thing to come… we all might not have the luxury of waiting until next November before that is in place…

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Hello all! In regards to this interesting press release from the FDA. We believe this press release is good news for the industry because it states that the FDA will not be implementing any regulations until their specified August 8th, 2022 date. From our knowledge, everyone can breathe easy until 2022 once the regulations are officially implemented by the FDA. It will be business as usual for the ecigarette industry until then!

Thank you!


Three cheers for something I actually like gaining such economic (and therefore political) power! n.n.


Our company is cautiously optimistic! Of course we await further clarification, but this news is a great start!
However, this also means that those who oppose our DIY community and industry will be digging in deeper to fight, so we as a community must remain proactive and vigilant as well.

Also here is a video in regards to the subject.


I agree to ‘cautious optimism’ and to this being a start to some common ground. Hopefully this grants the proactive and new members of the vaping family more time to voice their opinions. From this announcement alone, it seems that the FDA is not only “hearing” the public but listening as well. I will have my fingers crossed for the future of the vaping industry.

Thank you also @Nicotine_River for your opinions on this announcement. I guess I will be downgrading to a 250 ml of NicSelect in this upcoming order vs the 1 liter - lol. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ah get the liter lol you can never have to much if you have room in the freezer :slight_smile:


LOL. I will pace myself right now. I can continue to go forward with my plan to compare & contrast Nic from various vendors; 3 additional vendors to be exact. I’m still in the early stages of my DIY journey, so testing is still very big to me right now. Trust me, I still have a contingency plan. :wink:


Test away my vape sister!! I do believe you will be most happy with nic select but… I’m biased lol


LOL - We all have our preferences. I’m just trying to find mine. :blush:

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Gregory Conley, President of the American Vaping Association, also commented on the new announcement from the FDA:


I just recently tried the Nic Select from Liquid barn. I think you’d really love it!! I was using Nicotine river Nic but I’m switching over because its pretty great!!


That’s awesome! Thank you Jazzy for keeping me updated. What do you like most about the NicSelect brand vs the other ones you’ve tried so far?

It’s sad that Nic River got rid of NicSelect. However, I have heard some good things about PUR and Chemnovatic Nic also. Ack! Decisions…on top of that, I really want to try Nic Salts now…:sweat:


I like the Nic select because my juice tastes alot smoother!! I wouldn’t mind trying the nic salts too :smile:


I use both but as Leilani pointed out, NR is getting rid of it, so I probably need a different supplier or go with chemnovatic if I want not to add another vendor to my list :frowning:

I do like the smooth nicselect salt, especially in comparison to other salts its clear and does not have a weird after taste. As in, it does not mess with the flavoring of juices or their overall profile.

But if you vape above 50 watt I would say maybe looking for a other alternative might be better. I get a really metallic taste from it at 51 watt and up.

For low watt devices or high ohm, as well as pods, its a really good choice. But as usual taste is subjective tho.


@Leilani I know it sounds crazy, but I stick with them purely for their service (well, that and mixes taste awesome). When my grandma passed, Alchem International’s (Nicselect) marketing director had contacted me back from an inquiry, and it just happened to be on the same day. Here was a complete stranger offering solace, and talking me through a really sad time. It was completely unnecessary on her part, but it made a huge impact. That’s why I won’t use anything else.


You’re selling me here @Jazzy_girl (O_O). I think I’ll probably get both the Freebase & NicSalts…

@Silhouette. I am sorry to hear about the passing of your grandmother - hopefully she is at peace and watching you mix your heart out, enjoying your life.
Regarding the director of Alchem Int. - that is a very kind and wonderful gesture of kindness. Not everyone in those positions are kind in that way. Thank you for telling me this.

Between you and Jazzy. I have made my decision for the next Nicotine manufacturer to try. :hugs:

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Good to know estorm! Thank u