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Sad Day - Judge rules for FDA in Nicopure lawsuit


This is semi-correct. We will sell e-liquid for as long as possible whilst maintaining compliance with the FDA deeming regs.


Thats the spirit @Walt_RealFlavors!


Thank you for the clarification @ecigexpress.

So as of now, until August of 2018 you will still be offering Eliquids and flavors for the DIY community. After that date your company will only offer flavor concentrates, correct?


Sorry terrible spelling there , lol After November 2018, we will only carry nicotine products approved for re-sell by the FDA. Hope this info helps.


Understood. Thank you.


For your consideration. My last post.


LOL. I’m sure the FDA is well aware of the DIY vendors who are members here and on other DIY sites, not to mention the other Vendor members who promote their vape gear here. The best thing is to be as transparent as possible to the customers who have been loyal customers for months, weeks, and for some, even years.



@AZViking Dude, you had me @ “…scratching my head…”

I don’t think I could add a SINGLE thing to what you said. I’m just NOW being made aware of yet another example of “Wait, you’re supposed to be looking out for me ??” regarding the FDA…

News stories turn you off, too much slant ?? How about the actual study !!!


Hmmmm, doesn’t sound good to me. Hey, maybe the CDC can step in since the FDA is clueless…

Phthalates ??? Really ??? That’s OK, but vaping and NIC is NOT ???

I realize this has NOTHING to do with the FDA vs. Nicotine, but wow, what indeed DOES the FDA busy themselves with ?? I mean, when they’re NOT looking out for our safety and well being that is…


The whole thing screams big Pharma, taxes, money grab! I’m sorry but the FDA has no business regulating tobacco. Other than Lilly and phiser asked them to step in because they are afraid of what it means for there cecation aides.


That’s partially my takeaway from the deeming regulations as well. The only thing that these regulations are going to do is make the black/grey market flourish. It’s happened with every prohibition that this(and just about every other) government has passed.


Couldn’t agree more and I totally see this happening as well. Alcohol, narcotics, prostitution, people are going to do what they want; black markets are huge and wildly profitable for this very reason. Centuries of history remind us of this, and yet, a great many are too ignorant to pay attention, or so arrogant to think that they are better than our predecessors… we may have better toys now, but people, at their core, haven’t changed much.

This has all happened before, and likely will again if we stay the course. The definition of insanity my friends…


I think that in today’s current state of affairs it’s for a much more seedy, nefarious and outright tacky reason.


There’s a butt-load of Benjamins to be had when things of a personal enjoyment nature are outlawed. From the corporate-owned prisons and their guard unions to the pharmaceutical companies peddling panaceas to curb but not cure desires, there’s a lot of pockets eagerly awaiting succor.


If anyone of you are interested, Heavy Metal Vapor and his panel of guests (Adam from Vaporized Nomads, Joe Barnett from The Vaping Militia, & VapnFagn) had an informative show last night concerning the FDA ruling and the future of vaping.


If we aren’t successful in beating the FDA, it will be the

Death of the Vaping Industry

Such a shitty thing for the government to do to us just because we want to quit smoking, but for them that means losing money…they don’t care about our health…

You stated that perfectly…


Join CASAA NOW !!! Follow the link and sign up. It’s free…



Oh hell ya. Captain Crunch and Dr. Dolittle on the video were discussing their increase in staff to 300. That’s a cool 20Mill a year. Their empire building. “It isn’t clinical trials per se”. No shit Sherlock. You have nothing to compare to as is done in clinical trials. You have no clue what you are evaluating. It’s such a transparent scam it is sickening.



Just an idea. Since twitter has become a popular platform for politician’s maybe the DIY community could start a campaign where every vaper tweets once a day to either President Trump and Duncan Hunter (dont use a DIY hashtag lol could open a new can of worms.) BUT the value of this is raising awareness in a mainstream platform besides our own community.
I know that Mr. Hunter is already at work on pushing legislation through, but some affirmation and testimonials could drive the conversation forward.
If not, It might not be a bad idea to ask the vendors we get our Nic from to use packaging that is favorable to longterm storage lol just my two mls <— haha se what i did there?


It’s a good idea to use twitter as a platform to get awareness out to those in & outside the vape community. However, I think our dear leader, President Trump is more concerned about stripping the military of the transgender community, Mueller’s ongoing investigation into his financials & ties with Russia, getting Jeff Sessions to voluntary give up his position through late night tweets, and last but not least - taking away healthcare to billions of Americans by repealing/replacing Obamacare.

*Long term Nic storage packaging - I believe some vendors are already looking into that. Also there are other veteran mixers here who have some tips & trips on how to vacuum seal your Nic for long time storage and how much Nic you should purchase considering how much you use.


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